The Champion’s Way: Overcoming Disappointment

Overcoming Disappointment:
The Champion’s Way

Jordyn Wieber, the 16 year old Olympic Gymnast who helped power the U.S. team to a gold medal yesterday has illustrated to the world how beauty can come from ashes when  we choose to press in for the prize.  It’s unusual to see one so young push through disappointment the way she did after failing to qualify on Sunday for the opportunity to compete for an individual medal. I daresay her attitude is one of the reasons she’s a champion.

Napoleon Hill taught, “Every adversity carries within it the seed of equal or greater benefit”.  There’s a big “IF” that determines whether this becomes a manifest truth in your life or just a nice thought. The benefit is magnetized to you “IF” you position yourself for the reward through a good attitude and positive expectancy. If your head is hanging too low and you become a whino*, you’ll miss the reward.

I love what Jordyn’s mom has to say about her daughter’s ability to handle the pressure of the 2012 Olympics. “We try to use a lot of humor in every situation because that’s how you get through life,” she says. Laughter is good medicine when dealing with failure. I’ve learned that the ability to laugh at oneself is an awesome asset and helps you move on.

I’m going for the gold in my destiny. I love the lessons found in the lives of Olympic champions that remind me to stay positioned for the big wins by responding correctly to what could be crushing disappointments.

What reward is right around the corner for you? What are you commited to accomplish with a “no turning back” attitude?  There’s no prize if there’s no pressing on.

From Beverly’s Personal Dictionary:
*Whino- wine-o One who murmurs and complains.

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