Slingshot Success: Generational Leadership

Every student of leadership would be wise to learn from the champions chronicled in the greatest best seller of all time – the Bible. Studying the lives of world-changers is smart. The Bible offers a hall of fame that includes dozens of those whose influence and impact has remained relevant for thousands of years. That’s […]

Discerning the Season

Watermelons in February? How does a grower manage that? Not very well, I tell you. I fell for it last week when a decent price on one of my favorite summer fruits called my name. I can’t say I was surprised when I cut into it and found it to be an utter disappointment. I […]

How to Spot a Lie [Infographic]

Last year, while conducting an early-bird workshop at a large conference, I was interested to observe that one of the workshops had standing room only attendance. I love to connect with other trainers and learn from their creativity. In a setting like this one, where the plethora of choices in the conference line-up is almost […]

Who’s the President of Your World?

President’s Day pops up every February as the combined celebration of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. It’s a bit of a confusing holiday with more businesses open than closed.  It’s a Federal holiday but not many others have the day off. It’s often considered to be a good time to recognize those who have […]

Flight Lessons for Leaders

The bald eagle has been a symbol of leadership, excellence, and freedom ever since the second National Congress selected it as America’s national bird in 1782. The eagle’s characteristics of remarkable vision, life-long commitment, and the ability to soar higher than any other bird make the designation quite fitting. Since eagles make soaring look easy, […]