Slingshot Success: Generational Leadership

Every student of leadership would be wise to learn from the champions chronicled in the greatest best seller of all time – the Bible. Studying the lives of world-changers is smart. The Bible offers a hall of fame that includes dozens of those whose influence and impact has remained relevant for thousands of years. That’s […]

A Glimpse Into the Future (2028)

Forecasting the weather seems like a hit or miss proposition. That makes me wonder if forecasting the future is any more accurate. Both meteorologists and sociologists use data, computer models, historical precedent, and any number of technological tools to produce scientific projections. Yet both nature and humans can be capricious and quite subject to change. […]

Slaying The Giants in Your Life

Perspective is everything.  The right perspective makes the impossible possible. The wrong perspective can blind you, chain you, and keep you captive in thoughts of darkness and defeat. A case in point is the ancient story of David and Goliath. David was young, idealistic, zealous, exuberant and energetic.  Some might say he was incredibly naive. […]

Chart a Bold Course – Take Two

June is the Second January The best way to have a great year is to do a reset halfway through the year. June is the second January. Making measurable progress in the things that matter most to you is a vital component to a fulfilling life.  How is your progress so far this year? Perhaps […]

Momentum: The Power of the Push

Physics was not my favorite subject in school, but I must admit to a certain fascination with Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion. He addresses momentum, inertia, acceleration, force, velocity and predictable reactions – all significant concepts when it comes to success. The laws of nature and science carry much wisdom that directly apply to […]

Time Blocking Increases Productivity

This is one of those weeks when I’m supposed to accomplish two weeks worth of work in one. I’m excited about the upcoming trip to Colorado, but there’s much to accomplish before I board the flight. I’ve often marveled at how much I get done when a deadline is pressing in. Focus is the name […]

Why Vision is Important

Now that the confetti cannons heralding the dawn of a new year are quiet and the celebrations are just a memory, we are all about the business of work and life. It’s interesting that approximately 150 million Americans set new year’s resolutions with anticipation of improving their circumstances, but a whopping 25% abandon their goals […]

The Power of Unity

Unity is one of the most effective ways to achieve progress in anything. It is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, which explains why it’s so difficult to obtain, much less sustain. Unity is oneness, yet it exponentially multiplies the magnitude of any effort. Too little is written about it, perhaps because […]

Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Every week when I flip my personal planner to a new page, the blank spaces beckon me to fill in My Project This Week, My Goals and My Biggest Win. I get a clean slate every week. I’ve been reminded of an important truth as I consider how to fill in the blanks. Success is […]

Five Business Lessons from Three Ladies and An Elf

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the owners of Elf on a Shelf. This was soon after the Christmas when I spent hours traipsing across Manhattan looking for the elusive, sold-out elf for my granddaughter. The popularity of this burgeoning Christmas tradition intrigued me but the leadership team for the company captivated […]

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