Chart a Bold Course – Take Two

June is the Second January The best way to have a great year is to do a reset halfway through the year. June is the second January. Making measurable progress in the things that matter most to you is a vital component to a fulfilling life.  How is your progress so far this year? Perhaps […]

Lost Your Mojo?

If you’ve never lost your mojo, let me be the first to congratulate you. When you lose it, you know it. You feel like you’ve been side-lined while everyone else is enjoying the thrill of the game. Mojo is the rhythm you have when things are going well. You’ve got momentum, energy and feel the […]

How to Start When You’re Stuck

Out of gas. Stuck. Frustrated. Burned out. You know where you were headed and when you were supposed to be there, but now you’re delayed. Not to mention disappointed in yourself. How are you going to respond? Three Ways to Start When You’re Stuck 1. Dig deep and recall the reasons you started – whether […]

Momentum: The Power of the Push

Physics was not my favorite subject in school, but I must admit to a certain fascination with Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion. He addresses momentum, inertia, acceleration, force, velocity and predictable reactions – all significant concepts when it comes to success. The laws of nature and science carry much wisdom that directly apply to […]

Seven Paths to Renewed Hope

Hope is the light in our lives that powers each day, illuminates the faces of those we love, and gives us vision for our future. It is an essential element of life, yet it can’t be quantified or measured. Leaders are dealers in hope or they are not true leaders at all. Hope is as essential to […]

Freedom from Limiting Mindsets

“Air you can wear” is a common description of weather in Florida.  The oppressive humidity of summer can make you feel as if you’re breathing  through wet cotton. It’s certainly not energizing – in fact it’s more likely to cause sluggishness and lethargy. Since I’m a native Floridian, I think I’m pretty acclimated to the […]

The Years of Delay are Not Lost

As a native Floridian, I’ve listened for years to the hubbub about saving the sea turtles. It just wasn’t on my radar until I spent last week on the beach on Longboat Key. The shore was lined with the protected nests and I became fascinated. A subsequent visit to Mote Marine Research Lab & Aquarium was […]

Preparation and Persistence

You’ve probably heard the story of the trajectory of Abraham Lincoln on his journey to become the 16th President of the United States. Except it was more of a roller coaster than a trajectory – one with a lot of mechanical problems to boot. He is quoted as saying, “I will prepare and some day my chance […]

Developing the Mental Toughness for Extraordinary Success

My first introduction to Clay Shiver came after his days in Pro-football. Since I live deep in Seminole Country – where Florida State University fans abound – people in this area know him as the best Offensive Lineman Bobby Bowden ever coached. (That’s a quote from Bowden himself!) So Clay is a tough guy and […]

33 Leadership Tips [Infographic]

I have a voracious appetite for books, articles, and research on leadership. Now we have the ever-popular infographic to help us absorb information quickly through images. A few of my favorite leadership tips in the Infographic below are: Be kind, not weak. Be proud, not arrogant. Be bold, not a bully. @SuccessMagazine Balance idealism with […]