How Do You Define Success?

In a recent conversation with a wealthy businessperson, the conversation turned to stress. He commented that he was trying to figure out how to simplify his life and retire. Defining success is personal, but he commented that he would trade a lot of the monetary rewards in his life for peace. Where does being content […]

High Definition Vision

My husband gave me a new TV for Christmas. I don’t watch much TV, but the one we’d had for years was embarrassingly outdated. It was small and fit in an old TV hutch – the kind that hasn’t been produced for at least 20 years. Time to embrace technology and opt for the new […]

Visionary Leaders Have High Hopes

The winter fog has been thick this week, stymieing ships in our local port and causing numerous accidents on the road. It’s unnerving to drive when you can’t see where you’re going.  I approached a highway intersection this week where the normal speed is 55 mph.  I was creeping along at 30 mph because I […]

Be the Miracle

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being extraordinary? To be noticed. To do things no one else is doing or go beyond what has been done before. You’ve probably never verbalized you want to “Be the Miracle”. But we all have high hopes for doing something incredible. This can be both rewarding and disappointing. Exhausting […]

A Glimpse Into the Future (2028)

Forecasting the weather seems like a hit or miss proposition. That makes me wonder if forecasting the future is any more accurate. Both meteorologists and sociologists use data, computer models, historical precedent, and any number of technological tools to produce scientific projections. Yet both nature and humans can be capricious and quite subject to change. […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Ever felt like for every two steps forward you wind up taking one step back? It seems to be a frustrating – yet normal pattern of progress. I’ll stand with Robert Brault, who quipped, “An optimist is someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s […]

Restoring Vision and Upgrading Dreams

In the past month, I have worked with hundreds of people on vision casting. It has been interesting to note how many struggle with giving their imagination free rein – even for just a few hours. It was Einstein who said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun“. How can there be such a disconnect between vision […]

The Power and the Promise

There’s always someone who seems to do it better than you. We are all surrounded by those who are more articulate, more dynamic, better looking, wealthier, skinnier, healthier, wiser. You know… more of everything we think we want and need. We can become hypnotized by the world’s power and the promise that someone else can make […]

Fulfillment: 3 Keys to Happiness

Every year, I choose a word. One word to keep before me. This word is pondered, considered, and savored throughout the year. It helps me focus and live intentionally. Fulfillment is this year’s word. The dictionary lists more than a few meanings… fulfill (-ment is the suffix making the verb form a noun) The word […]

5 Habits to Protect Your Joy

This guest post is by my fascinating friend, Jennifer Clark, owner of Back to Center Wellness Associates. “Death is gonna catch me eventually; but I tell you what young lady! It’s gonna have to get me from behind because I’m not stopping!” These are the words of a vivacious 80 year old patient I took […]

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