No Grit, No Pearls

Unintimidatable. Now there’s a $50 word. It has popped up numerous times as I was writing about mental toughness. Intimidatable means being reduced to a state where the spirit is broken or courage is lost. Thus unintimidatable implies strength of mind in the face of forces that would disrupt, distract, and deter. It defines an […]

Avoid the 5 Most Common Presentation Mistakes

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a professional communicator, your ability to lead well depends on your aptitude in connecting with people in a meaningful way. The good news? You can develop this skill. Consider this: most people speak, but does that make them a speaker? […]

The Essence of Leadership

The Pillars of LEADership Recently, I sat in a planning session for a large organization’s Leadership Development Program and it provoked me to make some notes on the essence of leadership. I boiled it down to the following four points, an acronym for LEAD. Lead with Love.  You can never fully lead until you can fully […]

38 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Your Company Culture

Employee engagement is the most important factor in sustainable success for any organization. The customer experience can not possibly exceed the employee’s experience. Thus dissatisfied employees result in unhappy customers. I’d rather talk about engaged people on staff generating unprecedented customer satisfaction. Research reveals that 88% of employees don’t have passion for their work and […]

Fear Is What We Feel – Brave Is What We Do

Most of us know fear on a first-name basis. Fear wears as many masks as the number of hats we wear. I’ve felt it as a business owner, mom, wife, community leader, musician, and speaker. When the wind is at your back, the skies are cloudless, and life is smiling at you – it’s easy to […]

Extreme Ownership

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I can safely say that building a team of key people with shared vision who take ownership of outcomes is pivotal to success. Anyone who is in a position of leadership but lacks accountability is not going to lead well. In the book Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, […]

The Great Eight of Effective Leaders

As a speaker at the Society of Human Resource Professionals Florida State Conference this week, I had the privilege to meet Dan Rather. He delivered the keynote address on The Great Eight of Effective Leaders and admittedly, it was an aspect of the conference I looked forward to with great anticipation. In my mind, Rather is […]

Write Your Personal Leadership Manifesto

Years ago, when I came across the captivating Holstee Manifesto, I was confused as to why a company would call something so positive and inspiring by such a dark name. I thought manifestos belonged to terrorist organizations, kooks, and communists. Who else has written a manifesto? Actually, I have. And you should too. Not because we’re […]

The Winning Edge: Qualities of Sustainable Leadership

The Winning Edge: Lead from Within Leadership is a high calling because of this; the fruit of wise leadership can only grow from a wise heart. Even a small child knows the law of nature – like produces like. You plant squash, you reap squash. Plant bean seeds – you’ll eat beans. So it goes […]

Overwhelmed? 7 Ways to Restore Your Equilibrium

If you’ve ever been knocked off your feet by a pounding wave and churned in the turbulence, you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed. It’s happened to me many times – both literally and figuratively  – and both form indelible memories. One vivid recollection comes from an adventure on the shores of Hawaii […]