Flight Lessons for Leaders

The bald eagle has been a symbol of leadership, excellence, and freedom ever since the second National Congress selected it as America’s national bird in 1782. The eagle’s characteristics of remarkable vision, life-long commitment, and the ability to soar higher than any other bird make the designation quite fitting. Since eagles make soaring look easy, […]

High Definition Vision

My husband gave me a new TV for Christmas. I don’t watch much TV, but the one we’d had for years was embarrassingly outdated. It was small and fit in an old TV hutch – the kind that hasn’t been produced for at least 20 years. Time to embrace technology and opt for the new […]

Leadership: Authority vs. Control

Dealing with difficult people is a daily challenge for most of us. Over several decades of teaching workshops on this subject, interest and demand for the topic have not dwindled. Whether it’s controlling bosses, recalcitrant employees, or unhappy spouses – people who are hard to please and chronically unhappy aren’t hard to find. The best […]

The Curse of Comparison

It starts before the sandbox – this curse of comparison. While we are itty bitty people, we are grabbing for another child’s toy, thinking it’s better than the one in our hand. It seems as if we are born selfish. Whether you call comparison a curse or a trap, it is a habit that can […]

3 Keys to Creating a Culture of Civility

At the 2017 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels stated, “Our troubled world is demanding a better brand of leadership.” Tag – you’re it. Instead of responding to the atmosphere, we must establish the atmosphere. That’s what leaders do. Leadership is an action, not a position. It’s easy to act like a backseat driver when it comes […]

How to Strengthen Your Heart

Strength of heart. That’s something we all want and need, right? Encourage literally means, “to provide with strength of heart.” For years, I’ve been choosing one perfect word to carry with me throughout the year. A word to ponder and grow into. I’m always surprised by what comes to the forefront as I sift and […]

Woman of Influence

If asked to name the three people with the greatest influence on my life, my mom tops the list. She has known me longer than anyone else on earth and loved me through it all. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mentor and parent who loves without limits – always available to offer […]

No Grit, No Pearls

Unintimidatable. Now there’s a $50 word. It has popped up numerous times as I was writing about mental toughness. Intimidatable means being reduced to a state where the spirit is broken or courage is lost. Thus unintimidatable implies strength of mind in the face of forces that would disrupt, distract, and deter. It defines an […]

Avoid the 5 Most Common Presentation Mistakes

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a professional communicator, your ability to lead well depends on your aptitude in connecting with people in a meaningful way. The good news? You can develop this skill. Consider this: most people speak, but does that make them a speaker? […]

The Essence of Leadership

The Pillars of LEADership Recently, I sat in a planning session for a large organization’s Leadership Development Program and it provoked me to make some notes on the essence of leadership. I boiled it down to the following four points, an acronym for LEAD. Lead with Love.  You can never fully lead until you can fully […]