After the Wedding

This article is published by Beauty For Ashes Press in an anthology called From Tears to Triumph: Tales of Transformation Through Jesus Christ. In celebration of our 39th anniversary, I want to share it with you here. After the Wedding It seems unreasonable to anticipate an event for years, plan and prepare for months – […]

Woman of Influence

If asked to name the three people with the greatest influence on my life, my mom tops the list. She has known me longer than anyone else on earth and loved me through it all. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a mentor and parent who loves without limits – always available to offer […]

The Generosity Intiative

Look around you. Scores of people abhor the widely-celebrated holiday we call Valentine’s Day. We’re all expected to be happy for those receiving candy, flowers, jewelry, and other romantic expressions of love.  Yet it can feel a bit like getting stabbed when you notice everyone – but you – seems to be the recipient of […]

The Power of Stories – Recounting the Goodness of God

Since time began, storytelling has been a method of passing important truths from one generation to the next. Values, history, culture and valuable lessons have always been communicated via stories. They spark emotion, connect us with one another, and reach us in a way that can actually change the lens of our perspective. Such is […]

Are You Becoming A Grinch?

Jim Carrey’s hilarious portrayal of the Grinch elevated the status of a classic Christmas story to the top three of my favorite holiday movies. But if you don’t have green fur – rants, complaints, and offensive behavior don’t bode well for your relationships. Cindy Lou Who was extraordinarily patient and resistant to insults  – not […]

The Synergy of a Multi-generational Team

One generation can make a big difference in how people view the world. Cultural values shift and the events that shape our lives vary dramatically in the span of several decades. Consider world events that are indelibly printed in your memory. Where were you when you heard the news of the planes crashing into the […]

Relationships: The Sun Isn’t Always Shining

I can almost set my watch by the afternoon thunderstorms that come marching through right about 4:00 pm most summer days. There’s the build-up of ominous dark clouds, sharp flashes of lightning and lots of deep rumbling – followed by varying amounts of rain. Typically the sun comes out soon after. You don’t need a […]

A Good Father is a Rich Inheritance

I’m one of the lucky ones. It’s only natural to think about your dad on Father’s Day. My dad left this earth almost 25 years ago but the treasure he left me won’t ever mold, rust or fade. The memories of being snuggled in his lap on the patio he laid with his hands, looking at […]

Beyond Followers: How to Achieve True Engagement with Social Media

Business influence and social media are married and the relationship is for keeps. This couple keeps the neighborhood humming 24/7 with gatherings on everything from FaceBook to Twitter, Linkedin to Pinterest and oh, so much more. I’m one of those that had to be pushed me into the fray years ago by a coach who […]

Your Life is a Song

There’s a longing in each one of us to make a difference. To leave our mark. Our unique legacy is tied to our gifts. The things we must express, at the risk of going nuts if they’re suppressed. Your life is a song. It’s time to sing out loud and sing out strong. It’s time. […]