Leadership Leaves a Legacy: Farewell from Senator John McCain

Leadership leaves a legacy. Senator John McCain wrote a farewell statement to America before his passing on August 25, 2018 at age 81. As a student of leadership, and one who loves America  passionately, I am moved deeply by the words of John McCain. (I took the liberty to bold some text within his message.) […]

The Face of Courage

What do you do when your life blows up? You go on. Such is the advice of Rebekah Gregory in describing her journey of healing after being three feet from the bomb that exploded at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. As Rebekah spoke to a packed audience at the Women’s Work-Life Symposium in […]

Much to Celebrate: Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America! It is immensely important to celebrate and show appreciation for the things we value and want to keep in our lives.  Like our freedom. Whatever we celebrate expands. As you might expect, there’s another side to that coin. I saw a sign in a dentist’s office years ago that said, “Ignore your […]

Life in the Land of Opportunity

One of the loveliest parts of travel is returning home. The comfort of the known, the familiar rhythm of daily life… it all has a fresh luster when you return from adventures in foreign lands. Breezing through customs last week, the agent declared, “Welcome Home” as the anthem  “America, America, God shed your grace on […]

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