Remote Stress

Hurricane Irma is now history. The monster storm weakened before making landfall but nonetheless, made quite a mess.  As a native Floridian, I have family in every part of the state and all were affected by the storm that defied meteorologist’s predictions. My home and community were unscathed when we experienced tropical storm force winds […]

Overwhelmed? 7 Ways to Restore Your Equilibrium

If you’ve ever been knocked off your feet by a pounding wave and churned in the turbulence, you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed. It’s happened to me many times – both literally and figuratively  – and both form indelible memories. One vivid recollection comes from an adventure on the shores of Hawaii […]

Direction is More Important than Speed

Glancing at the incoming text on my phone, the image transported me back in time to a happy place. Late afternoon swims as my dad burned off stress from the workday is a childhood memory I hadn’t recalled in years. As I played in the sand while he did laps parallel to the shore, I […]

4 Ways to Sit Down & Stand Out at the Same Time (Stress Less!)

Most of us have two speeds; busy and super-busy. Since stress can rob your health, peace and productivity, learning to “sit down on the inside” is key.  Sitting down on the inside is an art. You can be busy without being stressed. I know – it’s easier said than done. And some days I’m better […]

3 Ways to Combat Infobesity

You did it again. You’re stuffed.  Uncomfortable. Remorseful. You spent too much time browsing articles, tweets, blog posts, Facebook status updates and now you’ve reached information overload. Our vocabulary has expanded again. The new term is “Infobesity” and it’s heavy. No need to explain what it is since we’ve all experienced it. So how do you stay lean, […]

Overwhelmed? 3 Tips for Going Over, Not Under

Stress kills motivation. Mental exhaustion stifles inspiration.  And overwhelmed people stop. We can become paralyzed by too much. Too much to do,  too much to learn, too far to go. We’re all susceptible to the state of overwhelm, especially when dealing with big changes in our lives. The whole  mind/body connection makes you wonder, “Do […]