Elevation and Attitude

Do you know the elevation where you live? Florida’s Emerald Coast is where I work and play. Local coastal locations have an elevation of about 10 feet above sea level. Not an ideal place to be when hurricanes make landfall. Our home is on 20 acres inland with a 60-foot elevation – giving us a […]

The Generosity Intiative

Look around you. Scores of people abhor the widely-celebrated holiday we call Valentine’s Day. We’re all expected to be happy for those receiving candy, flowers, jewelry, and other romantic expressions of love.  Yet it can feel a bit like getting stabbed when you notice everyone – but you – seems to be the recipient of […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Ever felt like for every two steps forward you wind up taking one step back? It seems to be a frustrating – yet normal pattern of progress. I’ll stand with Robert Brault, who quipped, “An optimist is someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s […]

Happiness is a Form of Courage

I have always been a happy person. Not the kind who squeals with glee over sparkly stuff, but the kind who smiles often and laughs easily. I am certainly known as an upbeat optimist. But lately, negativity has been singing a siren’s song. Like those dangerous and beautiful creatures in mythology who lured passing sailors […]

Overwhelmed? 7 Ways to Restore Your Equilibrium

If you’ve ever been knocked off your feet by a pounding wave and churned in the turbulence, you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed. It’s happened to me many times – both literally and figuratively  – and both form indelible memories. One vivid recollection comes from an adventure on the shores of Hawaii […]

You Can Change the World

Do you ever look around you and think everyone is crazy? And then you realize maybe you’re the one. Chaotic crazy is not so healthy. But then there’s a good kind of crazy. It’s that touch of crazy that helps you feel the fear and do it anyway. It’s that boldness that enables you to […]

The Power and the Promise

There’s always someone who seems to do it better than you. We are all surrounded by those who are more articulate, more dynamic, better looking, wealthier, skinnier, healthier, wiser. You know… more of everything we think we want and need. We can become hypnotized by the world’s power and the promise that someone else can make […]

Seven Things Happy People Do Differently

Remember when you graduated from high school and you just knew you were going to get what you wanted from life? You had optimism and time. Time to pursue your dreams, develop your talent and find that place where you would be loved, appreciated and valued. You thought by the time you got here, everything […]

How Do You Gauge Success?

I love my car. I’ve driven the same model for years – updating to a newer version of the  RX 300 vehicle when necessary. I drive a Lexus and appreciate how dependable and comfortable it is. But there’s one thing I’ve noticed about all Lexus vehicles – they have very sensitive gauges that trigger warning […]

Winning is Not for Wimps

As I stepped out on my porch, gun in hand, it hit me how different life in the country is from the cultured city environment where I grew up. And I’ll warn you right now, if you are a squirrel-loving, anti-gun activist, you won’t like this post. I used to think squirrels were cute and […]

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