The Power of Video Marketing

Are you using the power of Video Marketing? I remember when using video in business required hiring a professional videographer and spending thousands of dollars and several days of your time to create one video.

Times have certainly changed, and though there are circumstances that warrant that kind of investment, the effectiveness of posting simple video clips on YouTube is amazing. Relationship marketing is based on effective communication and video is a huge help.

1. When you create your own YouTube Channel, be sure to choose a user name that is congruent with your branding. I didn’t do that when I started and you can’t change the name or transfer videos. I left that channel behind when I realized I needed to build with my Brand BeverlySpeaks.

2. Keep it real. Don’t read a script or think it has to be perfect.

3. YouTube allows you to edit videos right within your channel. This is likely simpler than you think!

4. Have fun with video marketing – film clips from your vacation location or include scenes from your home, your city and places of interest you go.


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