Entrepreneurs Arise

en·tre·pre·neur (n) one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

I started my business career almost 34 years ago. Since that time, I have owned more than a few businesses and counselled thousands of business owners. I know for a fact that entrepreneurs form the backbone of the American economy.

I came across some awesome descriptions of entrepreneurship, posted by students and friends of Babson College, the #1 college in entrepreneurship education as rated by U.S. News & World Report for the past 18 years.

 Entrepreneurship is…

The process of managing and leading change. Entrepreneurship is spontaneus creativity in the form of passionate pursuit for a unique purpose without any concern of resources that you currently have.

A student from Mexico says, “It’s a way of life where you drive your own future and the future of our world.”

Entrepreneurship is character to innovate what exists and create what does not.

Entrepreneurship is having a relentless passion and the guts to pursue it.

Entrepreneurship is a pursuit of opportunity and exploration of the unknown to create value.

An entrepreneur is a business designer who sees what there is and what could be.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of risk taking and inventive capabilities, while constantly producing and inspiring.

Entrepreneurship is the act of aspiring, perspiring and inspiring!

Entrepreneurship means creating value. Value to customers, value to employees, value to stake-holders and finally value to yourself. The day you believe you can create value, become an entrepreneur.

What’s Wrong with Our Economy and Can Entrepreneurs Fix It?

Of course, the question, “What’s Wrong with Our Economy” is incredibly complex and more than I care to take on in an article.  And since I’m solution oriented, I tend to start with the things I CAN do.  And as entrepreneurs, we CAN create jobs, thereby stimulating the economy.

I am deeply encouraged to know that there are those in Congress, like Mike Kelly, Representative from Pennsylvania, who are speaking up for entrepreneurs.  Governmental over-reach has to stop.  The cost of red tape and bureaucracy  is into the trillions. This video is totally worth 5 minutes. There’s hope! Entrepreneurs ARISE!

In case you don’t take the time to watch the video, these are my favorite lines….
“Take the heavy boot off the throat of America’s job creators and let them breathe!”

“The jobs we’re talking about are not red jobs or blue jobs, they are red, white & blue. They aren’t Democrat or Republican jobs, they are American jobs.” ~ Rep. Mike Kelly

5 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Arise”

  1. Great post Beverly! This is a great reminder of what entrepreneurs are and what we are about! Not to mention, how we have a great importance and purpose in what we do.

    Keep up the great work Beverly! 🙂

  2. Beverly Lewis

    Thanks, Paul. We’re on a mission and it’s bigger than we are. I totally enjoy rubbing shoulders with entrepreneurs… a resolute, postive, action-oriented group. Glad to meet another lerader in the tribe!

  3. People in the UK have become so dependent on the government for everything that they are struggling now the government has stopped funding the business start up programmes Only 2 or 3 years ago i could not go anywhere without seeing a shop or a motor home that i could stop and talk to a business coach about setting up or getting help to run a small business. These programmes were amongst the first cuts that the coalition government made. Now you have many inexperienced people who do not have a clue how to set up or run a business and often have no idea where to turn for help. Some are so inexperienced and disorganised that they can only manage to stay in business for a few weeks before they crash and burn. At one time the business coaches used to protect people from themselves partly by making them prepare realisitic business plans that had a chance of working. Now hundreds are jumping in with no life jacket and without knowing how to swim. No job so set up a business. It does not matter that you can barely read or do enough arithmetic to see of you are likely to make a profit.

    What really makes me angry though is the attitude of the churches. I went to one national meeting and the focus was on how to cut back on the national spending because people were unable to give as much. I told everyone who would listen that the answer to that problem was to teach church members how to make money then they would have more to give. Such an obvious answer that everyone was overlooking it. We could have a job club to help looking for work I suppose but we could not possibly set up a church based mentoring or networking group where business owners and potential business owners could meet and share ideas,. After all Jesus said about the right use of money we cannot possibly help people make money we can only help them give it away. The outcome of the discussions that were continued after that national meeting looks like to include 20 to 30% of the headquarters staff losing their jobs!

    Heaven help us. People are struggling and we have the scriptural wisdom to help them. Some of us also have the practical experience to help them and we are doing so little.

  4. Beverly Lewis

    Susan, You are clearly describing a dilemma that I am called to address. The teaching of the “7 Mountains” and our call to build
    the Kingdom in the mountain we are called to is gaining momentum. I sincerely believe the economic problems manifest globally are not
    solvable through politics or government. Only God Himself, through His people, can bring real transformation. Thank you for your
    thoughtful response.

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