Are You a Master in the Art of Living?

We all have our own definition of success and what it means to master the art of living. For me, one thing that characterizes success is crossing the bridge from just making a living to designing a life.

I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and cross over numerous bridges every week. I love the water and enjoy the view from a causeway. It seems we all cross a bridge late Sunday as we get ready to enter new territory – a new week. Do you enjoy the ride or is it full of anxiety?

I recall one particularly distressing trip across a bridge. It was storming badly late one night as I finished a meeting and headed to Sarasota across the Sunshine Causeway. The images of a fatal accident – when a barge hit the bridge causing the highway to cave in and cars to fall hundreds of feet into deep water – haunted me as I started across the bridge. Caution was necessary but sheer terror wasn’t helpful at all.

My mind had hurtled me into a state of fear and dread.

Sound familiar? When was the last time worry got the best of you?

The bridge from Sunday to Monday is sometimes a rough drive. For some, it holds little pleasure and emphasizes the gap between what you want to be doing vs. what you are actually doing with a big chunk of your time.  What kind of change would it take for you to greet Monday with the same level of enthusiasm and anticipation that you wake up with on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Let’s talk about it.  I’ve crossed the bridge and it’s fun and only somewhat scary. : )

1 thought on “Are You a Master in the Art of Living?”

  1. Bev do you remember me telling you about the dream I had where you and I were going to a meeting but we had to cross this long long long bridge. I went ahead of you and as I was crossing a storm came up and the water was overrunning the road. Then it began to ice up. It became very dangerous and there was no way to turn back. I did not think you would be able to get to the other side and I thought I was going to kill myself on several of the turns. I finally got to this large house/complex and it turned out to be a place with Christians and they were worshiping. I do not remember why we were going just that it was very important. I thought you would not be able to get there but then in you walked. I said “how did you get here? You said “I would not leave you, I was able to come a different way.” You waited till you could get a helicopter to fly you in. This word and our time today 9/16/12 remind me of that dream. BTW I usually do end up taking the hard way while everyone else gets to fly in…lol Blessings. In Him~svc

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