Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Free speech is an incredible gift that Americans have enjoyed since our nation was birthed.  But the better part of wisdom is knowing when to hold your tongue.  Just because you CAN say anything that comes to your mind, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

This is especially true now that social media has given everyone and his grandmother a platform and a microphone.  Technological wizadry will NEVER trump common courtesy.  The last time I checked, polarizing people and making half your ideal clients mad is not the recommended way to invite people to do business with you.

My mom is one person who’s exceedingly glad that I’ve taken the lifetime of  lessons she’s supplied on graciousness, kindness and good manners and applied them to Social Media Marketing. You can call it “Dear Beverly” as I teach Social Media Protocol for Professionals in a free webinar next week. Details Here

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