How to Get People Running to You

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a whistle that got your ideal clients running to you for your services?

My husband can whistle.  He only has one volume; LOUD. Our children easily recognize that whistle.  When they were growing up, they spent a lot of time playing outside with neighborhood children.  When we needed them to come home, my husband could step outside, put his fingers to his mouth and whistle.  Inevitably, within moments , our children would come running.

Imagine just being able to give the signal when you have openings for new clients and they hear your call and respond.

You need to hear this today. You DO have a unique sound that will attract the people you are supposed to serve.  The marketing world calls it “branding”.  Becky Harmon and I call it that and more. It’s really learning how to express your unique identity and get really clear so that people can relate and respond.

You have gifts and talents that are given so others can benefit too.  It’s your unique “sound” – no one else on earth has it.  Are you going to bury your talent or grow it?

It doesn’t matter how many companies on the internet appear to do exactly what you do.  You have something to offer that can’t be duplicated. Maybe you haven’t honed it, practiced it and grown confident in expressing it.  Maybe it’s become so muffled by disappointment, rejection and discouragement that you don’t even hear it anymore.

If you know that God is calling you to move into a greater expression of the dream He’s given you, you won’t want to  miss the Free Tele-Class Becky Harmon and I are doing on Nov. 27th.  It’s on “Internet Marketing for Kingdom-Minded Consultants and Service Professionals”.  Because the world wide web has changed the way people do business.  And  communicating with clarity and purpose is paramount.

Are the people you are destined to serve able to hear you?  Time to crank up the volume. It’s called leadership. And yes, I’m talking to you.

You can register below for the Free TeleClass on Nov. 27th OR you can click HERE for details.



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