My Secret Sauce for Extraordinary Success

Last night, as we wrapped up an amazingly wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, I reflected on all the reasons I love Thanksgiving. The answers are part of my secret sauce for extraordinary success. Here’s just 4 of the reasons I’m feeling so good and they happen to be directly applicable to business success.

1) As the recognized “gate” into the annual Christmas celebration, this is the beginning of a season of expectancy. Positive expectancy is the kissing cousin of hope. And hope is oxygen to the soul. As a certified joyologist, I can explain why this is so important. You don’t get what you want, you get what you actually expect. That means thinking about what lies ahead, taking daily action on your thoughts and being certain of the results. That is the secret sauce for making extraordinary things happen. No doubt, we live in a world of so much uncertainty and change that many have conceded without a fight and opted for mediocrity. I’m in the “makin’ it happen” camp if you’re looking for a better place to live.

2) Preparation and expectation are  75% of the satisfaction in any accomplishment or event. It’s what you learn in the PROCESS, not just the thrill of arriving. It’s true of planning trips, celebrating holidays and it’s true of life. Squeeze the goodness out of every moment and cherish the journey. The actual arrival point will be a memory before you know it.

3) Taking time off to disconnect from all the electronics  & digital mania to revel in the company of people you love is a fine and refreshing tonic. Play some games while you are at it. Laughter is the best medicine for anything and it’s free.

4) Staying anchored to the reason “WHY” you work so hard is critical. I may have some tendencies of a workaholic. BUT… my core values include a strong and healthy family. That removes any guilt that might want to rear its head when I take time off. If you never get to enjoy the fruit of your labor, something is amiss.

I am refreshed. I am happy. And I want to share that with you. There’s enough for everyone.
You are invited to come to my table to dine (in a manner of speaking) tomorrow night as Becky Harmon and I share wisdom that will help you reach your goals in 2013 by igniting your online presence while keeping your core values firmly anchored.
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