Bold Messengers Summit

Finally! Now You Can… Release Your Message,
Create a Movement, Change Lives AND
Produce Profit
… even if…
You Have Felt Overlooked, Ineffective and Unqualified

These principles have helped dozens of clients
escape the frustration of being stuck along the side of the road,
eating the dust of those who are surging ahead,

into the delicious satisfaction of SIGNIFICANCE,

Join us for the Bold Message Immersion Weekend in Atlanta

Dear Future World Impactor:

Do you have a desire to help others build success out of what sabotaged you?

Is this you?

Going out of your way to help people get results and then noticed it was bringing people such LIFE, maybe you should take the time to write down some of these strategies?

Wanting to understand powerful strategies on how to attract clients but not wanting to come under “new-age” or greedy business coaches?

Desiring to communicate the practical steps Christ has given you so that you can glorify Christ with your resurrection story?

Struggling to find the deepest and boldest identity zones you bring others transformation through?

Not knowing how to harness idea’s for video’s, blogs and journaling into a result-driven product?

Feeling as if you’re holding yourself back from really impacting people on a larger scale but you just can’t put your finger on why?

Would you like to learn how to create a success system for other’s in just one hour a day, 5 day’s a week?

Have you been told by your Pastor or ministry leaders that you have an apostolic call of God on your life and you need to be multiplying your identity?

Do you want to learn how to market your own brand & close authentically, even with no experience or pressure tactics?

Would you like to develop your own content by receiving input and tweaks in a positive, team environment before you put it out there to the worldfor EVERYONE to see?

Would you like to be able to spend time completely hidden a way for a couple of days and then have the subsequent accountability until you get your world changing message out and finish it…COMPLETELY?

What about being able to use my resources to get it printed and your first coaching group or discipleship group launched?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then here’s the solution:

Join us for the Bold Coaching & Writing Summit… and when you’re done, build your name brand with monthly accountability in a team environment!

There is no multiplied success for others if YOU don’t create a MESSAGE!

In fact, all that God does is drop in your spirit the potential you have to serve the world with. It’s up to you then to execute on the strategies you think may work.  Which means all your time waiting for the perfect moment (when the kids are older), right timing (and life isn’t so pressed, hahahaha-from a former homeschooling mom of 4) , a sign from God (someone points you out and affirms you) and waiting on the provision to make it happen, might be WASTEFUL right now …

For example, you might be investing time in journaling, or reading purpose identifying books, blogging, building a website, working on your branding, learning more social media, investing time in building more ministry relationships or pursuing speaking gigs. And don’t get me wrong, all of these things are important … but ONLY at the right time.

One day, God calls YOU to PIONEER and  influence with what you already have in your hand, it takes BIG FAITH and you’ve got to know WHO you ARE and THE MESSAGE God wants you to release.

Why? Because he wants you to serve people out of YOUR message. Your story. Your sabotages and your experience with HIM.  Not use someone else’s book, brand or influence.

And if at this point, when God calls, you don’t take the time to harness your purpose into a practical result driven system, then all of your desire to impact and serve in a powerful way is negated. You have to move out of DREAMING into a build THE VISION mentality!

This life-changing weekend is led primarily by Becky Harmon. You may know her as a coach and creator of Bold Identity Systems and Teams. You might know her as a Christian business speaker or half-marathon sponsor for mission work.  You might be one of the thousands of Christians that have applied her pioneering bold identity building techniques and strategies to get more clarity, consistency and purpose for their life. I know her as an anointed leader, fearless prayer warrior, consistent coach and faithful friend. I love partnering with Becky to see God move in transformational ways.

“The Summit was so much more FUN than I expected! The team was AWESOME! One of the things I realized on the first day of training was I was sabotaging myself in hobby mode and that I angela-karumneeded to shift into the actions to build a powerful business. That was huge for me! The second thing that was super helpful was because I want to lead groups and teams, the way Becky laid out the content made it really easy for me to see how to take my clients from point A to point B without the overwhelm. I finally feel like I have a plan! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SUMMIT!” – Angela Karum

I attended the Summit because I have had a book that has been marinating within me for a long time.I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt like this was a message that God had given me to share with other people but I really didn’t know how to give it “legs” so that I could get it out there to people. Becky really challenged me to dig down and deal with some things that were hurting me and preventing me from reaching the people he had called me to. Pushing through these blocks enabled me to write and finish my first system that I coach with now. Lastly, the branding help with my boldest identity zones translated into a really powerful title for my book which I am really grateful for. This weekend was well worth the investment and flying in for!” – Dianna Wallace

Before I attended here, I was really struggling with — how can I ask clients to pay me for discipleship?Becky Harmon- Messengers SummitBecause of what I’ve learned at this Messengers Summit, I know now the Lord’s calling me into walking alongside of women during a season where they’re struggling with who they are through Christian coaching. Those experiences that I’ve had, have been costly — not monetarily costly, but in pain and in struggle and in strife. I now have a greater understanding about how this was just a poverty mindset I was functioning in.  In it, I’ve come to a greater understanding of who He is and His ways, and that I have a message to tell; I have a message to give.I have information to impart to others and it’s time well spent walking alongside of His people, I feel so much more equipped to serve and step into the calling God has for me.” – Brenda Jones


Registration Is Open.  Limited to 25 Participants

Location: Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport West

3450 Creek Pointe Drive~East Point, GA 30344

10 minutes from the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

Price includes lunch daily and training supplies.

Book your hotel room using the special group rate.

Group Name: Bold Messengers with Becky Harmon

Check-in: Friday, October 7th
Check-out: Noon Sunday, October 9th

$1800.00 for weekend. Contact me if you are interested.

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