About Your Instructors

Two are better than one – especially when the dynamics are put together as they are with Beverly and John. The blend of experience, perspectives, and personalities works really well. You will enjoy the synergy of two Kingdom entrepreneurs with a shared vision.

Beverly is ….
Wife, Mother of 3, Grandmother of 5, Executive Trainer, Speaker, Business Owner, Musician, Joyologist, and author of Win from Within: The Heart of Success and Significance.

Beverly has an extensive background in sales, business management and coaching as well as executive training. She has traveled for the past thirty years speaking and consulting with a multitude of organizations and enterprises. In addition, she has personally owned businesses ranging from a counseling center, a software development firm and a nutrition company, giving her an up-close and personal insight into the issues facing business owners.

She received a formal education at the University of Florida in Plant Science, but pursued entrepreneurial enterprises after college. That background inspired her to travel to the Rainforest of Central America for in-depth study on the laws of creation as they apply to business growth. She believes that a standard education will only give you standard results and is working on advanced training in the school of Life & Experience. She loves to surround herself with people committed to lifelong learning as she passionately pursues excellence in the marketplace.

Beverly will be conducting the live zoom calls. Most of the videos were recorded by John Garfield.

John is…
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Engineer, Pastor, Speaker, Horse Enthusiast, World Traveler, People Lover and an author of three books:

Releasing Kings: For Ministry in the Marketplace

Desire to Destiny: 7 Keys to Your Marketplace Ministry, and

Seers and Doers: Sons Bringing Heaven to Earth 

Number one question John gets asked: “Why Am I Here?”

Number one answer he shares: “Your heart was wired with a unique purpose. It’s easy to discover why you are here when you connect to your God-given, heart’s desire. Ready to find it? We’re ready to help.”

Co-author of The Heart Plan Professional Development Program, John believes everyone can live focused and full of enthusiasm for life.

The Heart Plan started in 2011 with Maria Lalik when John asked about her heart’s desire. “I want to coach.” So John said, “I think we can get the message of Releasing Kings into a coaching format.” Maria has her own website in Polish http://heartplan.eu/ and some huge success stories of her own.

You can enroll for the full Heart Plan Course HERE

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