Outline and Objectives

Your Heart Plan Has 10 Modules in 12 Weeks

“Write the vision and make it plain… That he may run who reads it.
Hab 2:2 NKJV

Vision and Goals

Week 1 – Purpose and Vision – Write down your life purpose. Why are you here? What is the activity that reflects the deepest desires of your heart, your core character values, the area of your personal passion, and your talents, skills, and abilities? Why does God want to prosper you? Write it down in a paragraph.

Week 2 – Goals – With your life’s purpose in mind, what are your goals for the major areas of your life (God, family, vocation/ministry, finances, health, and play)? Write them down in the past tense.

Week 3 – Affirmation Questions – If we set some lofty goal associated with our life purpose, our mind immediately starts coming up with a list of reasons why it won’t work. If we simply phrase our “affirmations” as questions, we can then meditate on the reasons “why” those things will come to pass.

Overcoming Obstacles

Week 4 – Your Story – We each have a story that integrates our past, present and future aspirations into a theme with a purpose and a destiny – our identity. Stories of successful people have a “redemption ingredient.” They suffer the same setbacks as the rest of us. But, they find the purpose in those setbacks that makes them wiser and stronger and supports the theme of their story.

Week 5 – Heart Boundaries – Most of us have boundaries in our hearts that represent vows from our past which have cemented into ceilings for our future. Changing the beliefs in our hearts about our own identity and potential is a key step of inner healing before we can go to the next level.

Week 6 – Accusations – We have all been the target of accusing voices. Their strength is always rooted in the shame of our shortcomings. Our strategy is very simple: instead of arguing or resisting, we are agreeing with our accuser quickly as an offensive strategy. My defense is always Jesus’ forgiveness via the cross, coupled with my personal repentance. I will not allow condemnation to cast a shadow over my destiny.

Building Your Plan

Week 7 – Team – People who are successful in life are very careful to surround themselves with the help they need. They find those with a similar heart’s desire but different strengths and work with them to multiply the effect of their mutual dream. It’s a powerful dynamic, both spiritually and practically.

Week 7 – Cash flow – Putting our finances into a monthly cash flow format is an essential part of integrating our life’s plan with reality. Whether its personal finances or business finances doesn’t matter. We are stewards of the destiny God has given us, and we all have to navigate the real world of making money and converting some of it to ministry. Creating wealth is a spiritual discipline.

Week 8 – Schedule – Most of our goals should translate to specific activities that can be put on a schedule with an end date. Planning your next months of achievements goes a long way toward making your life’s purpose real.

Week 8A Business Plan – If you treat the stewardship of your life like talents God has given you, making a written plan is an important step toward getting your dream off the ground. Writing things down is also a key ingredient in moving your heart’s desires into a real-life destiny.

Week 9 – Bonus modules and Team Encouragement

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