Your Heart Connects on Three Levels

Personal Identity – We use a Heart Plan to help clarify personal calling by listening to your desires and what God wrote in your heart, “opening your book” (Ps 139:15-16) We’re integrating the courts of heaven to break off things that hold you back. The Heart Plan is available as an online course in so it’s affordable and accessible. Getting your heart plan in writing is a strategic step that bears great fruit in your heart, vocation, finances, and business. We’ve guided a long list of heroes into the fullness of their own story. Connecting with your heart feels like a jailbreak!

Your business – Like an individual, a business also has a book (a Kingdom purpose). It’s connected to the heart plan of the CEO and the company leadership. Corporate Heart Plans help businesses connect with their Kingdom purpose. We’ve also teamed up with Larry Nault to offer the specifics in “how to” Build a Kingdom Company. Many business people are being invited into their corporate Kingdom purpose right now. They don’t need to be convinced. They want to know how – we can help. You can find out more with Beverly. Beverly and John also work closely with a financial expert- Larry Tyler. Larry will be teaching one of the modules in the course.

Your Nation – In my travels to Europe, the Lord has opened a door in the spirit to understand the calling or book for nations. The book of the Netherlands is a great example that we’ve used in the Courts of Heaven to release the Father’s heart over the Dutch. It’s a powerful tool that resonates with God’s people.

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