Slingshot Success

Slingshot Success

If you are ready to grow your business with clarity & power – do NOT miss out on the
Slingshot Success System

Ready, Aim, Fire!
How To Grow Authentically Without the Hype

• Are you a freelancer, service professional, sales person or entrepreneur who wants to gain momentum this summer instead of sliding into the doldrums?
• Do you want to cultivate mental toughness, focus and a healthy pace that will enable you to run the race with excellence?
• Would you like to develop more clarity on who EXACTLY you are called to serve? Do you know how to turn pain into profit by understanding that your mess becomes your message?
• Are you ready to understand the power of courageous communication and how to intentionally deliver a consistent message that inspires loyalty and trust?
• Develop a system that deepens your connections with people and enables you to build profitable and healthy relationships?
• Become a master communicator by implementing strategic and proven tools for growth?
• What about social media? Are you overwhelmed with how to create a plan and pace for that?

Are you ready for a personal coaching program but your budget isn’t?

Some of you have a clear message and focus on your mission, but your marketing plan is non-existent. Or it might as well be, because it’s not working.

Some of you are just starting on the journey and need to hang out with people who can save you a whole bunch of time and money because they’ve “been there, done that.”

If any of these scenarios apply to you, Slingshot Success could be your launchpad to the next level.

Success is personal. And Slingshot Success is too.


The five carefully selected foundation stones that are unique to the Slingshot Success System are:

 1) Accountability & Ownership

2) Your Story Matters

3) Communicating with Clarity

4) Tapping into the Joy of Work

5) Faith Walk – Partnering with God

How do you know if the Slingshot Success Group is for you?

If you are fighting distractions and long to stay focused on the vision that’s been growing in you.

If you want to show measurable progress this summer instead of coasting along and being full of regret over missed opportunities.

If you are ready to NAME
your goal and go for it.

Then it’s time to take action. Class starts June 8th.

Here’s the BIG difference in Slingshot Success:
My clients don’t just get the practical coaching and resources they need to grow their businesses. They feel I encourage and support them on a heart and spiritual level.  My clients get the coaching they need and the support to help them keep their momentum and pace when the obstacles come. And that’s all before the supernatural “secret weapons” come blazing forth!

Make no mistake about it, some of you are ready for MORE than what this team is designed for. Like Lead from Within, an intensive 12 week course that starts again late summer. If you don’t want to waste time waiting, then Slingshot Success is the perfect place for you.

Slingshot Success is an 8 week program based on Beverly’s new Training Manual. You will receive the manual week by week within the private Facebook Group. There will be a live call every week (class will be on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM CT) and all calls will be recorded. Group discussion will take place within the closed FaceBook format. Beverly will be checking in at least 3 times a week as well as posting videos.

How much is it?

It’s just $47 per month. That’s right – a total of $94, payable in 2 payments.
It doesn’t get much better than that. Reserve your spot now. We start June 8th.

P.S. Want to feel totally safe with your decision? If you are not completely satisfied with your experience in the first 2 weeks, and you have done all the work and were on the calls, we will refund your money, no questions asked.