Influence: An Important Tool For Successful Leadership

The ability to influence is an essential leadership skill. The dictionary defines influence as “the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command”. Effective leaders influence without being dictatorial. When a leader inspires a group of individuals to work toward the achievement of a common goal […]

Why are Personality Tests So Fascinating?

Your unique blend of traits affects your emotions, work performance, and relationships. For centuries, psychologists, doctors, and academics have created personality tests for helping us understand ourselves and others. Especially since the advent of online tests and social media, certain personality tests are all the rage for awhile until they join the cabinets with the […]

Everyone Communicates – Few Connect

The way you use your voice can either increase your influence or cause others to shut you out. Have you ever watched a conversation go downhill because of the disrespect communicated non-verbally? We’ve all experienced the reality of, “it’s not what you said, it’s how you said it”. Some people think they can be heard […]

Unhealthy Office Habits You Can and Should Reframe

A healthy workplace manifests itself in numerous ways. With a focus on EQ, I typically would describe a safe, healthy office as one with strong leadership, engaged teams and clear communications. Unhealthy offices are often polluted with toxic people and stressful relationships. Yet unhealthy offices can also develop in a physical sense when people don’t […]

Not so Fast! The Law is Likely to Catch You

Success is going to take longer than you think. Not the news you wanted to hear today, is it? Hofstadter’s law might be in effect. Most of us can’t help but be attracted to the promises of quick and easy results. There are life hacks for just about everything. How strong is the temptation to […]

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