Slingshot Success

Transformational Leadership Development for Intrepid Souls

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It’s Time to Go Higher, Deeper, Further. You are designed for growth…

The mission of Slingshot Success is to equip those in leadership with the keystones to accelerate skill development to hit the mark. (You decide what the mark is!) Thriving without the striving is the way we roll. Life has taught me that we are meant to fulfill our purpose without losing our peace, our health, or our relationships. Momentum is a powerful force and is developed by teaming with like-minded people who have an intentional commitment to step into their God-given destiny.

Are you ready to crystallize your vision and make measurable progress?

Are you ready to build solid, long-term business relationships and collaborate with others?

Are you ready to experience a higher level of Success and Significance while enjoying peace of mind like you only hoped for?

Slingshot Success: A Course in Leadership

This team is a brand new concept, even though the name might seem familiar. It is a forward progression from the original Slingshot Success for entrepreneurs and Lead from Within.

Some of you are well on the way to creating success and significance but you need accountability and pacing.

This course is for you.

Some of you are just starting on the journey and need to hang out with people who can save you a whole bunch of time and money because they’ve “been there, done that.”

This course is for you.

Some of you are ready for intense, personal coaching but your budget isn’t.

This course is for you.

Without a bold presence that comes from a revelation of your identity that translates into a practical platform for marketing, you will never be able to move to the altitude of success God has called you to.

What are you waiting for?
$49/month. That’s all.

What to Expect (BEGINS week of Feb. 18, 2019)

  • Initial Personal Planning Call with Beverly – 20 minutes.
  • Scheduled Live Video Weekly within the Private Facebook Group. The day will alternate between Mondays and Tuesdays – Tuesdays at 12 Noon CT  (Around 30 minutes per week) You are encouraged to attend the live presentation & discussion
  • Additional Live Video Weekly at various times to answer questions and address the current topic of discussion.
  • Beverly will be active in the Group at least 2 days per week for dialogue and coaching.
  • Personal Accountability partnering with another member of the team encouraged.
  • Additional Resources will include customized Tele-Seminars designed exclusively around the needs of this group. These will be recorded and made available to you on a private web-page on Beverly’s site.
  • Optional Monthly Prayer Call – Early A.M. ( 7:30 AM CT – day to be determined by what works for the majority.

Topics will include: 

•  How to Make your Conversations Really Count
• How to Create Interest in You and Your Services
• Mastering the Art of Workplace Relationships
• How to Build your Personal Brand Online
• Difficult Conversations and Courageous Communication
• How to be Mentally Strong in the Workplace
• How to be a Great Boss
• Speak with Excellence: Become a Confident Presenter – Anytime and Anywhere
• How to Master Stress

Here’s what others are saying:
“Beverly’s Leadership Course has the power to take you from where you are to where you want to be, personally and professionally. Beverly Lewis’ insight is profound and authentic. Well-researched and imbued with wisdom, her course teaches how to avoid professional pitfalls and overcome personal hindrances to experience real breakthrough. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their business and leadership to the next level!”
– Desiree Schroeder, Author, Freelance Editor

Bonnie-officeBeverly shares principles from her book Win from Within that are practical and simple to apply immediately to become a better leader and feel the wealth within you! Beverly encourages, inspires and shares her wisdom to help you intensify your focus on what your heart desires. The principles from Win from Within are the foundation of the course that is loaded with skills for personal development that will encourage and raise your focus to trust the process of life, find the joy in your journey and fulfill your dreams. I will always remember Beverly’s message “The Best is yet to Come”.  If you are willing to take responsibility and are open to learning to achieve your goals, then Beverly’s coaching is an ideal choice for you.”
Bonnie Gortler, Stock Market Guru and Author of Journey to Wealth

           There are only two options. Make progress or make excuses.

Do you have employees under your leadership? Did you know…A recent study found that the employee benefit most requested by Millennials is to have a mentor? Grow people and your business will grow.

There is always a better strategy than the one you have; you just haven’t thought of it yet.
Sir Brian Pitman, former CEO
Slingshot Success

If you are ready to grow with clarity & power – it’s time to join the
Slingshot Success Team

Ready, Aim, Fire!
Grow Authentically Without the Hype

• Are you a freelancer, service professional, business leader, sales person or entrepreneur who wants to gain momentum?
• Do you want to cultivate mental toughness, focus and a healthy pace that will enable you to run the race with excellence?
• Would you like to develop more clarity on who EXACTLY you are called to serve? Do you know how to turn pain into profit by understanding that your mess becomes your message?
• Are you ready to understand the power of courageous communication and how to intentionally deliver a consistent message that inspires loyalty and trust?
• Could you benefit from a plan that deepens your connections with people and enables you to build profitable and healthy relationships?
• Is it in your best interests to become a master communicator by implementing strategic and proven tools for growth?

$49 to secure your spot.

Success is personal. And Slingshot Success is too.

How do you know if the Slingshot Success Group is for you?

If you are fighting distractions and long to stay focused on the vision that’s been growing in you.

If you want to show measurable progress instead of coasting along and being full of regret over missed opportunities.

If you are ready to name the giant in your life and take your mountain – this team is for you.

How much is it?

It’s just $49 per month. 

P.S. Want to feel totally safe with your decision? If you are not completely satisfied with your experience in the first month, and you have done all the work and were on the Live braodcasts, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

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