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Executive Training – Speaking – Leadership Development – Business Coaching 

Your life won't go to the next level unless
you take it there.

Strong teams, enduring relationships, and dynamic, healthy organizations are built when this energetic business catalyst brings her brand of business from the heart.


Beverly speaks regularly at National and State Association Conferences as well as training in local businesses and organizations. You can review her top topics as well as expect customization to address the needs of your group.

Online Courses

Online courses are always augmented by zoom (video) calls with Beverly.


Expect authentic energy, contagious optimism, and thought-provoking content.


Win From Within: The Heart of Success and Significance is born out of 35 years of work with over 10,000 professionals, in-depth research on leadership, communication and lessons from Beverly's entrepreneurial ventures.

Retreats and Events

Special event planning unleashes Beverly's creativity as she works with Meeting Planners to create a coordinated, memorable time.


Beverly is visionary, practical, and intentional in coaching high-performance behavior. She is masterful at helping others develop and express their best gifts.

Who I've Helped

What clients say

Thanks for the timely message you delivered to our audience of meeting planners last week. All of the attendees could relate to the examples provided and were happy to let me know how much they enjoyed the presentation. The handout you provided was perfect. The length of the presentation was spot on and your energy really grabbed everyone’s attention and kept them engaged throughout the entire presentation.
Stacy Woods
I connected with Beverly Lewis over the internet and joined one of her coaching programs. She is an enthusiastic dedicated coach who shared her knowledge, positive energy and spirit with her team. Beverly is full of innovative ideas that are cost effective. She very willingly shared valuable tools, and techniques to be successful. The strategies that she taught were efficient, effective and simple to understand and then execute. Beverly inspired me to engage, explore outside of my comfort zone to grow and take action. When I had questions Beverly went the extra mile to communicate in a timely manner to provide me with resources to complete what I desired to get done. Her communication style and wisdom speak loudly. If you are willing to take responsibility and are open to learning new things to achieve your goals, then Beverly's coaching is an ideal choice for you.
Bonnie Gortler
Stock Market Guru and Author of Journey to Wealth
I would recommend Beverly as a speaker – without reservation. Over a period of years, I’ve heard her speak on a number of topics to a variety of audiences and every single instance she has been well prepared with a powerful message that delivered a remarkable and memorable experience for the attendees. Typical feedback is, “when is she coming back?”
Jo Anne Arnett
Director, Tallahassee Christian College
The content of the workshop was interesting and practical. Ms. Lewis is an excellent presenter. - Adam B. This session was my favorite. It was both interesting and entertaining. The only way I can see it being improved was if it was longer. The time flew. – Michelle R. Beverly’s energy is refreshing. She kept everyone engaged through group activities and exercises. The whole presentation was fantastic. – Dakota D.
Workshop Attendees

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