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Thanks for the timely message you delivered to our audience of meeting planners last week.  All of the attendees could relate to the examples provided and were happy to let me know how much they enjoyed the presentation.  The handout you provided for people to take notes was a great idea! The length of the presentation was perfect and your energy really grabbed everyone’s attention and kept them engaged throughout the entire presentation.

I definitely would like to have you speak at another event in the future and will recommend you to groups or other people who are in need of a speaker or business coach. ~ Stacey Woods, Helms-Briscoe


One of the keys to a successful life are strong relationships.  One author said that we will be the same person in 5 years except for the people we meet and the books we read. Beverly  is one of the people that I’ve met in the past five years – through her love for me, relationship and God-given skills – changed me and helped me become a better person – in both my personal life and business.

Beverly is a very gifted and anointed coach, speaker, author and thought leader.  She is sent for “such a time as this” to help transform YOU and YOUR life from the ordinary to the supernatural.

I can recommend her to you because she is one of those rare people that will greatly affect your life in positive, affirming ways. God placed her on this earth at this time for relationship with those who want and need help – to help make sense of the “messy” in life, relationships and business. 

This is the Beverly Lewis I know.
~ Larry Tyler, Business Coach and Author of Romancing the Loan

Group Coaching

(Current groups  Beverly does with Becky Harmon of include Passion to Profits)

“Starting your own business is not usually quick or easy. I had faith I was on the right path, there were many times I thought about giving up. But I (luckily) decided to join Becky and Beverly’s class. It was the encouragement and push I needed. Even before I finished their 3 month program, I not only met my financial goals, but exceeded them! Becky and Beverly utilize the power of prayer to unite their teams so they are able to achieve big results.”

-Jane Falter, Encore Career Coach,


The POWER and collective INSIGHT of a team…

are aspects I’ve rarely experienced professionally, and never with the kind of STELLAR results that your team made possible for me.

One additional element that I’ve never had with previous coaching is the prayer support and intercession. I’m convinced that it, above all else, is responsible for the breakthroughs I’ve been experiencing.

Wins from the Team,
Wins, plural, is right! There have been so many since we started:

The courage to listen to God’s leading rather than my own fear

The ability to recognize my own sabotages

The counsel on how to take new ground in my business

The strategies to be able to sustain it

The feedback from a diverse group of business people

The encouragement of fellow team members

The prayer support and intercession

-Monica Hall, Digital Diva, Multimedia Marketing

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