About Beverly

Leadership Development and Communication Skills Mastery

Beverly works with organizations to increase the EQ of their people
 so they can create a healthy culture and develop extraordinary leaders. 

Who I Am

Business Culture Catalyst, Professional Speaker,
Author of “Win From Within:The Heart of Success and Significance”, Master of Communication,
Team-Building Consultant, Joyologist,
 CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

I am a child of God,
wife of Jim,
mother to 3,
Nana to 5.  

My Mission

To provoke leaders in the business realm to confidence in their calling, consistency in their character, and clarity in their communications 
so that
 healthy, enduring relationships create strong teams from the family room to the board room – transforming communities and creating generational influence.

What I Do

I teach live workshops and
online courses while facilitating leadership development and supporting healthy organizational culture. 


My Story

Decades ago, I set a goal to become a Master Communicator. That was after discovering my major in Ornamental Horticulture offered unsatisfactory job opportunities. I launched my  first business in the health industry and quickly realized the value of relationship marketing and leadership skills. That began a quest that continues to inspire and give me a reason to leap out of bed every day. 

I love people and the possibilities that lie within them. It is my honor and pleasure to work shoulder-to-shoulder with
business professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Because of a passion for excellence, strong work ethic and a deep love for people, I’ve had many opportunities to excel in sales. That has translated into coaching on world-class customer service.

As the owner of a Health Counseling Center in Tallahassee, (Health Designs), many doors opened for speaking opportunities. This led to regular national speaking engagements, radio programs and serving as an adjunct professor with Tallahassee State College. 

Upon moving to Panama City in 2000, I started an e-commerce business with a goal to stay ahead of the technology learning curve. I found success in internet marketing and envisioned connecting that with my experience in training and team-building.   

Next stop was the Rainforest Business Institute, where I received training in the Rainforests of Central America and certification as a Business Coach. This was a convergence of my early fascination with botany and the understanding that the timeless laws of nature carry wisdom and application to business success principles.

I believe business is an art and has to be connected with the heart. As a musician, the word “maestro” implies mastery. It actually means “a master of any art.” Mastery is marvelous to behold, whether it applies to the magic a customer service representative works with a disgruntled customer, or the dynamic presentation of a CEO to a Board of Directors. When you are a master at what you do, you will reach a realm of fulfillment that will inspire you and those who surround you. That will be your strength long after the applause has faded.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, the best is yet to come!

Would you like to talk about how Beverly can help?

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