Leading During Extreme Change

  Extreme Change Three hours on the afternoon of October 10th changed everything for this little city I call home. Mighty oaks that have stood through hundreds of storms couldn’t withstand the power of Hurricane Michael. The incessant roar of the wind deafened the sound of giant trees crashing all around as we crouched in […]

Recovering From A Major Setback

If you’ve never experienced a Category 4 hurricane, I urge you emphatically – don’t do it. Do whatever it takes to pack up your valuables and get out of town. Hurricane Michael caused a setback of enormous proportions for the Panhandle of Florida. The Shock of Setback After the harrowing experience of riding out Hurricane […]

5-Step Process for Action in the “Cone of Uncertainty”

As Floridians have pondered the large “cone of uncertainty” Tropical Storm Issac produced in models of the projected path, I’ve taken note of a term that applies to more than a few business plans. Cone of uncertainty – what a loaded concept. When it comes to business strategies & storms, I think you should expect […]

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