The Sound of Success

Too many people today die at 40 and they simply aren’t buried until 80. Sadly, they become examples of half-lived lives – people going to their graves with their best music still in them.

I heard that when I was in my twenties and it caused an ache in my heart.  I made a lasting  decision to not let that be said of me.  The idea of being buried with your best music still in you was especially meaningful to me because I’m a musician. I’m bilingual and English is not my first language, music is.

Did you know that our DNA is actually a musical coding that vibrates at a unique frequency? You are created to emit a sound like no one else’s. Consider the Latin root of the word “person”. “Per” means passes through. “Sona” is sound. Person literally means one whom sound passes through.

So what about you? Are you going to release the sound that is coded into your DNA? You carry a message in the earth that no one else carries.

There’s numerous ways you can lose your song. Sometimes it’s because your DO has become your WHO. You can fall into the trap of letting your daily duties define you. For instance, let’s say you get a job right out of school that is not really what you want but hey-  it’s a paycheck. You figure, “this will work for now. ” You get busy with life and before you know it, 10 years have slipped by. If  you’re not careful, you can allow a job to begin to define you.  That’s especially dangerous if it’s not connected  with your  passion, talents and gifting.

That can cause you to lose your “song”, both literally and figuratively.

And then somehow, you can be deceived into thinking that even if you COULD create an income from doing what you love, that it would be wrong to make money through your gifts. The reason we have the gifts is to help others, and in our culture, we think that means we have to give it away. (We’ll have that discussion another day, because it’s a long one.)

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to separate your WHO from your DO.  However, that’s not where we live. So how do you find your song,  if you’ve lost it, or never acknowledged it?

Start by not being be confined or defined by what you do. Dig deeper. Listen to your heart.  We all want new, but our minds think in the old.  There’s a new song in you! Hearing it, then tuning our hearts and minds to that same song, creating rhythm and harmony between the two, takes practice. And it’s not a class they’re teaching at the local college. (Though they should be.)

Good news –  I know where you can be discovered!! Your song, your talents, your gifts are your wealth. And that can and should translate into money. Your life is an untapped well of abundance. It’s going to be fun to see the gusher come forth.

I have a minstrel’s school on the mountain of business success. If the sound of that stirs you, let’s talk.


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