Find Your Sweet Spot


I’m exploring horseback riding as a new hobby. On a recent trail ride, we picked it up into a trot.  My instructor told me to let my horse find her “sweet spot”,  advising that my ride would become much smoother in that gait. She then said, “By the way, your horse’s sweet spot happens to be faster than normal – go with it.” How appropriate.

I’ve often been called a race horse. Never on the track, but as a description of my energy level, pace and “ready, fire, aim” attitude. Off to the races-  speed is  part of my sweet spot.

What components intersect to you put you in YOUR sweet spot?

Find Your Sweet Spot

That’s one of the keys to happiness; knowing what you are good at and finding a way to stay in that zone daily.

Ken Coleman, Celebrity Interviewer and author of One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices expresses it well when asked, “What do you think most people get wrong when it comes to building a successful career?”  Ken’s response:

“Most people never truly find their sweet spot, the intersection of their greatest strength and their greatest passion. I am troubled by the epidemic of men and women who are good at their job but hate it. This is misery. Conversely, we all know people who love what they are doing but are not very good at it. This is frustration. The most successful among us find their sweet spot and stay there. This is fulfillment. We should spend all of our energy finding our sweet spot, the right place for us. When we get in the right place, opportunity, the right time, will find us.”

 Find your sweet spot and be intentional about staying there.  That’s how you move from showing up at a job, to building a career, to fulfilling your calling. The result?  Happiness that you’ve dreamed of.  It’s your destiny.

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