Storytelling: The Past 10 Years in Online Branding

Ten years ago, “blog” was named the word of the year by Merriam-Webster. That was an indicator that online marketing and branding experts were learning the power of telling a story with authenticity in the digital market.

I joined the chorus and began blogging in 2007. That was my grand entrance into social media as I found my voice and learned to be heard online. I experienced social media as it rolled out and roared on – a louder and louder influence in our lives.

I’ve seen the battle of “King of the Mountain” played out as I’ve heard the Email Marketers shouting, “The List is King” while bloggers yelled, “Content is King” and the latest voices that insist, “Visual Content is King.”

The reality is, all of these elements are valuable. Finding your audience and establishing an effective online presence is what’s non-negotiable.

“Despite social media marketing’s maturing
from a noisy infant
to an arrogant adolescent…

resistance to taking it seriously and applying
and implementing appropriate resources
is still ever present.”

– Jeff Bullas

Storytelling will always be important. The methods and mechanics have changed dramatically over time, but the heart of the matter is to communicate with integrity and authenticity in a manner that moves people to learn, remember and take action.

This Infographic celebrates Storytelling: The Past 10 Years in Online Branding

































































Thanks to Carabiner Communications for the Infographic

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