Social Media Etiquette Guide [Infographic]

                                          “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”
                                                                                         – – Clarence Thomas 

Good manners will never go out of style. With the proliferation of social media channels, it is important to stay current on the different cultures and protocols of the various channels.

Our language has a new word for it – Netiquette. Network etiquette is knowing the dos and don’ts of online communication.
net etiquette
It will pay off  to review the infographic below to make sure you aren’t making yourself look bad because you are out-of-step with expectations.  Let’s address 6 of the biggest social media channels. I’ve chosen my top tip for each of these from the Social Media Etiquette Guide:

FaceBook – Follow the 80/20 rule. Entertain and inform 80% of the time. Sell only 20% of the time.
Twitter – Don’t use all 140 characters. Give people room to Retweet you.
Google Plus – 63% of Google Plus users are men and 37% are women. Share valuable information and mention others in conversation.
Instagram – Don’t ask people to follow you and don’t overpost.
LinkedIn – Since this is a professional setting, keep your updates industry-related.
Pinterest – Don’t just repin for an hour straight. Use a scheduling tool to spread your pins out.

Kudos to TollFree Forwarding for creating this awesome infographic.

Social Media Etiquette Guide


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