Rise to Resilience: Turning Pain into Power

Panama City is a military town where every day is like Veteran’s Day. Patriotism is a strong part of the fabric of our community.

Jennifer Clark moved to Panama City when she was assigned to Tyndall Air Force Base. Her story is documented in her book, 166 Days: My Journey Through the Darkness.  When Jennifer left Panama City, she moved to Houston, where she and her family experienced the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Jennifer is a testimony to turning pain into power. She writes boldly about the challenge she had with depression and anxiety after returning from Afghanistan and how she found healing.

Now that Hurricane Michael has destroyed Tyndall Air Force Base and much of Panama City, many locals are commenting that it feels like they’re dealing with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. Many people were crouched in their homes for hours as roofs were torn off and buildings blew apart – ravaged by the power of merciless winds. The aftermath left a landscape that looked as if a bomb had been dropped. Thus, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jennifer and the lessons she’s imparted throughout our friendship and to the many audiences she has spoken to.

Rise to Resilience is a message Jennifer shared in an interview (below). It’s a timely message for all those looking for strength and hope in the face of  extremely difficult circumstances. And it’s a perfect way to honor the men and women who have displayed love, loyalty, and commitment in serving our country.

The lessons covered:

1. Realize You Have A Choice and Commit to It

2. Have Faith in the Bigger Purpose

3. Find the Lesson in the Puzzle of Life

4. Use Your Experiences to Serve Others

5. Nurture Your Core; The Compass for the Life You’re Meant to Live

6. Unpack What You Don’t Need From Life’s Suitcase

Rise to Resilience – Beverly Lewis and Jennifer Clark
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