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Imagine sitting through a performance by a group of musicians who didn’t bother to practice and don’t even care much about music. That’s a bit like going to work with the 66% of US employees who are disengaged from their jobs. It’s appalling that in the most prosperous country in the world, 2/3 of the workforce don’t make much of a contribution beyond showing up.

The cost of employee dissatisfaction is staggering to the economy. But it gets worse – it’s personal. In fact it’s extremely detrimental to individual health and happiness.

It’s not a pipe-dream to imagine a workplace where 80% of the people are wholehearted. By definition, that would mean they are earnestly committed to the good of the team, enthusiastic about their job, and dedicated to the mission. It’s been known to happen. And it starts with you.

There can be no significant change in the world unless we first have the courage to change ourselves.

Life has a way of throwing us off course quickly. Delay, disappointment, and discouragement can cloud your vision. Worse yet is feeling like your dreams have died. Many of the disengaged workers cited in research are the glum people you work with.
Consider these signs of being disconnected from your heart and true purpose:

1. You feel exhausted by day to day demands and the effort required to keep it together.

2. You are not emotionally available for relationships and quality communication.

3. You have gone through a major transition in your life and now feel like you’re wandering in the wilderness without a sense of direction.

4. You are so concerned about your own needs you can’t deal with a bigger picture. It’s called tunnel vision; you lose the ability to see all the options.

5. You are looking for validation of your identity by getting more education and more certification. You always want more conferences – more information.

6. When you try to help others, nothing “takes”. Lasting change evades you and those you help.

7. You are anxious about the future.

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When you’re connected with your purpose, these are some of the guideposts of being engaged with your own heart:

1. You are confident you have what you need to contribute, be generous, and bring value to others.

2. Every day is filled with reminders that God is directing your steps and orchestrating appointments.

3. You can truly listen to others and develop meaningful relationships.

4. You are energized and creative.

5. Your vision for the future is clear and exciting.

6. You can handle setbacks and learn without getting discouraged.

7. You are thrilled with the victories of those around you and can celebrate their wins wholeheartedly.

So how do you get reconnected with your true purpose? How do you find the path to fulfillment – that place where your gifts and talents are expressed and appreciated? Let’s compare it to learning to play an instrument. As a volunteer mentor in our local school system, I was assigned a seventh-grade student who loves music. As a musician myself, I couldn’t think of a better fit. I was excited when she invited me to attend her first concert. My optimism was quickly replaced by misery. I never thought it would end. The dissonance, hesitancy, and discord of that beginning orchestra as they labored through a basic song was painful. I had conveniently forgotten what newbies sounded like.

Over the next few years, my protege changed instruments several times. As she experimented, practiced, and grew in proficiency and confidence, the concerts became much more enjoyable. The difference between a beginning musician and one moving toward mastery is major. Mastery allows one to express the emotion in the music and the heart of the composer. It brings joy to the musician and pleasure to the listener.

The thrill of executing brilliantly in the zone of your best gifts is like no other the joy. You embody wholeheartedness when you can get in that zone.

The world needs you. It needs need your heart, your voice, your courage, your joy, your creativity, your compassion, your love, and your gifts. Your potential is limitless. You are unique, valuable, capable, and worthy of the dreams in your heart. Don’t die with your music still in you. You are here for a reason. Find it and live it wholeheartedly.

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