Your Miracle Mind

If you had a dime for every time you’ve been told how important it is to be positive and set goals, I bet you’d have a nice little nest egg. Perhaps my habit of emphasizing the importance of vision has me in the camp of those singing that same song repeatedly. But here’s why I keep singing – what you allow your mind to dwell on shapes your expectations and, ultimately, your perception of the world.

No other species on earth operates on faith and hope. Hope is what connects us to the future. In the same way bees create hives and ants create colonies, humans create futures. What’s in your heart connects with your miraculous brain and your actions are the result. The neurons in the brain strengthen and change with our thought patterns. Neuroscientists call it neuroplasticity. This can work for us or against us. The battlefield for your future is usually in your mind.

Scientists tell us we live out of our memory or our imagination. Both are powerful, but think about how your perspective is molded by past experience. Memory is an influential tool. It shapes our present by creating expectation for repetition. That becomes a neuron pathway. Think of the neuron pathways in your brain like a popular hiking trail that has become worn down and widened by traffic. If your expectations for your future remain the same as what you’ve already experienced in the past – you are destined to repeat your experiences over and over. That familiar path can easily become a rut – otherwise known as the path of least resistance.

The amazingly good news is you can change the neuropathways in your brain by what you set your mind on. It’s never too late and you’re never too old to do this. Your vision for the future is vitally important because it pulls you into your destiny.

If you need some encouragement and coaching on why and how to create a vision board, I developed a mini-course called Lead with Vision to walk you through it. There’s also a full-blown course called The Heart Plan that is guaranteed to transform your life.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt said it but I can help you live it.

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