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Beverly Lewis carries a powerful message for business people across the land.

Beverly is a purveyor of hope, encouragement and revelation in the marketplace, teaching business principles designed to multiply profitability and enhance personal fulfillment. Beverly has personally built more than a few successful businesses in her 34 year career, earning a masters from the school of life.
She offers On-Site Training available for the  clients  in the following market niches:

1) Business owners, managers and entrepreneurs
2) Those employed in sales, marketing and customer service positions
3) National, State and Local Associations
4) Attorneys, Accountants and Service Professionals

Personal clients are typically in the following market niches:

1) Business owners
2) Attorneys, Accountants and Service Professionals

Our training materials and methods are derived from strategic alliances with  a few key organizations. These alliances give our clients access to world-class training tools as well as a team of business professionals with a comprehensive array of skills committed to helping people prosper and attain new levels of success.

We endeavor to always walk in love, work with a cooperative spirit, forgive, reconcile whenever necessary and wherever possible, stir each other to good works, give generously, expect the best from ourselves and others and have fun in the process.

The Best is Yet to Come,


Beverly Lewis

Beverly’s Bio

Beverly Lewis is an Executive Trainer, Speaker and Business Consultant.  She is visionary, practical, and intentional about identifying & removing the dysfunction from organizational dynamics. She is passionate about high performance and gifted at helping others develop and express their best gifts.

She has been providing workshops and seminars on success & leadership for 25 years and has spoken to associations & businesses from coast to coast.  She is part of the professional team at Virtual Law Consulting and enjoys teaching cutting-edge technology and the integration of Social Media Strategies into an effective marketing map. She’s passionate about helping you define success on your terms, release creativity and grow your career – all while staying true to your core values.



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