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Learning the Language of Hearts

The language of our hearts is pictures, scenes, movies, and images. That’s why dreams are never just words. When we want to change our hearts, a new movie script is required to exchange for the old. That translates to an experience. We don’t learn from more information. Our hearts change with each new experience (for better or for worse).

The Online Heart Plan course has great content, but the real focus is on the experience of implementing that content, and our target is the heart.

A question I have been asking for several years is, “What keeps people from their hearts purpose (telling their story)?”
I discovered there are many reasons but the top three things I hear over and over is:

  1. I don’t think I have a purpose (story)
  2. If I could come up with something, I don’t think others would want to know or hear it
  3. Even if I could come up with something, I wouldn’t have a clue how to navigate it, manifest it, tell it

However, the more I help entrepreneurs and business professionals with their heart plan (story), the more convinced I am that there is a deeper question that needs to be addressed.

After a live workshop, I spent time talking with people who had been sparked by the concepts but they still asked, “Is my life’s purpose of value (Is my story of value)?” “Is it something others want to hear?”

It’s a problem many people face, as giving voice to the deep things of the heart is a new thing. I mean, it’s not like there’s a college course on “connecting with your heart to identify your purpose and calling”. (Though there should be!)

When someone asks me if their life’s purpose and business purpose (story) is of value, I often turn the question back to them and say, “What does God think? (What do you think)? Do you think your life’s/business purpose (story) is of value?”

Why would I do that? Because I can tell you how valuable your purpose (story) is but until you believe it has value, nothing will change.
It will put a road-block between you and your audience if you are not sure your purpose (story) is of value. You do not want to give someone else the power to decide if your purpose (story) has value.

The key is claiming your value via your purpose.

After all, if you don’t think your purpose (story) is of value, why would your tribe value it? In the last 40 years I’ve helped thousands of people with their purpose (story) and have yet to find one person whose purpose (story) does not have significant value.

Empowering someone with their purpose (story) is what gets me out of bed every day.

If claiming your value is an area where you are feeling stuck, I want to assure you that breakthrough is on the way.

In the Online Heart Plan Course, we focus on listening, encouraging and empowering you in your purpose (story). I believe each of these areas are vital for you to enjoy a breakthrough.

If this is all you would get from taking the Online Heart Plan Course, this one area alone can change your purpose (story) and change your life.

In the process of mining the treasures of your heart, you will be set free in amazing ways.

This online course is like no other. It will bring prophetic and practical clarity to your purpose, vocation or business and a path to seeking the Father and knowing He is fully invested in your success. It’s an experience with the Father and a relational tribe. It will activate you to heights you haven’t dared to imagine.

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Seers and Doers is an additional course – it’s available in a bundled package with the Heart Plan. Email us if you’re interested and we’ll fill you in.

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