Social Media Matters – FaceBook

Month 1
Turn Your Passion into Profits through a Clear Social Media Presence

FaceBook Training


How to Meet us in the FaceBook Group: Connect with Becky and Beverly through your Personal FaceBook Account to our Personal Pages. We will then put you into the private group.

If you are not familiar with the BASICS of FaceBook yet, you need to start with the tutorials at the bottom of this page!

Week 2
Becky on Fundamentals of Branding on FaceBook

Week 3
How to Magnetize Your Ideal Client Through Social Media

This week’s assignment is to identify 5 people you like and respect who are experts in your field.
Connect with them this week on social media.


Week 4


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Saving Face: Tips, Tricks and Protocol for FaceBook

Welcome! Session 1

Session 2!

Privacy settings, account settings and basic FaceBook navigation tips are covered in this session.

Tutorial 3 of 5 : Content Tips – What to Post & How Often

Tutorial 4 of 5 :

Tutorial 5 of 5 :

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