Social Media Matters – Introduction

Welcome to Passion to Profits through Social Media!

Bec_BevThe focus for this training is providing you with the strategies needed to grow your business/ministry in a paced and profitable way. Momentum is a powerful force. Our goal is to help you focus and build momentum through a clear identity, consistently expressed both online and in person.

In addition to the video training sessions and content you find indexed below, we have a private group forum on FaceBook where you can network with other members of this program. Becky and Beverly will pop in as well for conversation and to answer questions pertaining to this material. The challenge of a self-paced program is you need to set your own goals and discipline yourself to follow through. How many of us have joined a gym that offers great classes and top-of-the-line equipment, only to find it does NO GOOD if you don’t show up? Yeah – we’ve all been there done that. Same principle applies to this program.

We challenge you to stay paced with this goal: watch one video a week and APPLY what you learn. Do it. And then tell us what you did. We want to be your virtual coaches and your encouragers  as you build your online identity. At this pace, you will have completed this course in 4 months and be well on your way in letting the world what your calling is.

Let’s Get Started!!

Course Content

Month 1 FaceBook Training

Month 2   Twitter Training

Month 3   LinkedIn Training

Month 4   YouTube Training

Of course, you can do these in whatever order you choose. Pick the channel you want to work on first and stick with that until you have completed all 4 lessons. Let the wild rumpus begin!!

Month 1

Overview of Social Media

Download Social Media Calendar HERE: Social Media Calendar



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