Slingshot Success System

70 page Manual for those ready to do the work to launch into extraordinary success.
Ideal for faith-based entrepreneurs.
Beverly Co-Authored this Manual with Becky Harmon of

Section 1  Preparation comes before PROMOTION

Section 2  Who Am I Called to Serve?

Section 3  Laser Focus & Correct Alignment

Section 4  Building A Bold Brand

Section 5  The Top of Your Marketing Funnel

Section 6  Magnetizing Your Funnel

Section 7  Websites as Magnets

Section 8  Harnessing Potential Into Provision

Section 9  Low-Cost Marketing Tactics

Section 10 The Effective Use of Social Media

Section 11 Purposed Partnerships = Greater Provision

Section 12 Positioning Yourself For Exponential Growth

1/2 hour consulting session with Beverly is included with the purchase of the Slingshot Success System

        Slingshot Success System
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