Passion to Profits

The BOLDEST New Identity You Will Ever Build That Will Totally Activate Your Passion And Profits!


What Do 91% of Your Peers  Know that You Don’t?

You can’t succeed online without a platform.

You need visibility, amplification and connection.

Social Media is the Hottest Way to Market…
This is your open door of invitation to find out how to make it work for you.

If you’re a business owner, service professional, consultant or writer, this program is for you.

Becky Harmon ( and Beverly are a powerhouse coaching team and you will virtually get the best of both of them. This is a self-study version of a training program they have taught to several personal coaching teams called “Passion to Profits through Social Media”.

If you are ready to develop your online voice through clarifying your unique identity and making your presence known through the primary social media channels, don’t waste another minute trying to figure it all out on your own.

There is always a better strategy than the one you have; you just haven’t thought of it yet.
Sir Brian Pitman, former CEO of Lloyds TSB

But we have!
That’s why we designed the Passion to Profits Program

Some of you are already on the road and have launched your own business and/or material and simply need help with understanding social media.

Passion to Profits is for you.

Some of you have a clear message and focus on your mission, but your marketing plan is non-existent. Or it might as well be, because it’s not working.

Passion to Profits is for you.

Some of you are just starting on the journey and need to learn from people who can save you a whole bunch of time and money because they’ve “been there, done that.”

Passion to Profits is for you.

What this program includes:

TWENTY videos on topics detailed below (each training is about 10 minutes long)
Practical Assignments
Online Forum (Private Group on FaceBook)
Unlimited Access
(No time limit – You can go back over the material as many times as it takes to really “get it”!)
Audit of your Social Media Channels – 6 weeks after your purchase, Beverly will review the channels you submit

Topics Include:

Branding: Your Unique Identity
Social Media Manners

Your purchase of this program includes access to discounted private coaching, should you desire additional help.

When is the BEST time to start your Social Media Marketing??
Actually, it was FIVE years ago. But it’s not too late.

Get Started NOW! Only $149 for UNLIMITED Access

If you’re still not sure…

What Can You Expect From This Training Program?

Two heads are better than one. You get the perspective of 2 coaches that are knit together but very different.

Becky is bold, direct, authoritative, funny and can pray heaven down in a way that will bless your socks off. She has prophetic insight and helps people dump the baggage that is slowing them down and holding them back. She is deeply committed to building the kingdom of God and helping people get over themselves and make money. Becky has published 3 coaching systems and is gifted at writing copy.

I (Beverly) am a diplomatic encourager with a warrior’s heart. My business experience (and success) over the past 30 years has equipped me to teach and coach from all the lessons I’ve learned the hard way. I don’t teach theory, but proven strategies and timeless principles. I am the queen of relationship marketing and building your online presence.

Both of us work like our hair is on fire. You won’t meet anyone more committed to helping you fulfill your destiny. Our prayer power that is like double bazookas against the enemy. Oh – did I mention love? Yep, we LOVE the clients that God entrusts us with. We are totally committed to helping you stay passionate for the kingdom of God and yet also build provision for yourself and those you love. We absolutely believe you have been called to start a MOVEMENT with your testimony and experiences.

But there’s one catch. You have to discipline yourself to APPLY what we teach and work hard.

Make no mistake about it, some of you are ready for MORE than what this team is designed for.  Perhaps you want personal coaching and not a self-study program. The good news is, if you start with this program and decide you want to add personal coaching, you will have the exclusive opportunity to schedule discounted coaching sessions.

$149 never looked like such a bargain….


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