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The Heart of Success and Significance

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About the Book

Win from Within is a compilation of timeless principles and stories that offer deeply personal, authentic guidance to help you lead well. Sixteen keystones structure the book in such a way that it can be referenced as a guidebook and picked up for quick bursts of encouragement and focus. A small volume packed with tips to help you leverage the wisdom shared.

The principles in Win from Within will help you to:

Live your life with a sense of significance…
Turn failure into experience…
Focus on the big picture…
Gain balance in all aspects of your life…
Resolve relational conflict…
Cultivate agility…
Find joy in the journey…

About The Author

Meet Beverly Dru Lewis

Strong teams, enduring relationships and dynamic, healthy organizations are built when this energetic business catalyst brings her brand of business from the heart.

Beverly Lewis is an Executive Trainer, Speaker, Author and Business Coach. She is the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Team-building is a top priority for her as she believes healthy relationships are the foundation for success. Her book, Win From Within: The Heart of Success and Significance is born out of 35 years of work with over 10,000 professionals, in-depth research on leadership, communication and lessons from her entrepreneurial ventures.

She is visionary, practical, and intentional in teaching high performance behavior. Gifted at helping others develop and express their best gifts, she’s been providing workshops and seminars on success & leadership from coast to coast and has spoken into the lives of thousands of business people.


“In each person’s lifetime, we will face unwanted and unwelcome change. We will also face grand opportunities. The most powerful source from which to deal with either extreme is the same. In this book, Beverly shares valuable insights on how to win – and more importantly, how to define ‘winning’. This is a valuable book. I, for one, am glad she wrote it.”

Ray Edwards, Communications Strategist, Copywriter and Author of Writing Riches

Being successful often starts by how you think and the foundation from which you build. Win from Within: The Heart of Success and Significance is a book that will help you establish the foundation you need to have true success.

Os Hillman, author of Change Agent and TGIF Today God Is First

This book is a must read for anyone who believes in doing work that matters. Leadership from the heart is the most important and meaningful kind. Beverly masterfully delivers a resource that any servant-leader will reference for many years to come. Her writing style captivates the reader and relays the lessons in a way we can all identify with and learn from.

Jennifer Clark, Physician Assistant, Owner of Back to Center Wellness, Author of 166 Days: My Journey Through Darkness

Win from Within speaks to the heart of leaders from all walks of life. Beverly’s message is a vital one for a healthy business culture, emphasizing that relationships are central to success. Her influence is profound because she started at the core with a healthy family and expanded outward into the marketplace with authenticity.

– Clay Shiver, Executive Coach

Win from Within captured my heart with this one phrase, business involves an element of artistry. CEO’s are really conductors and customers and employees have to connect with the sound of his music before a company can take off… and the music has to come out of his heart.

John Garfield, Author of Desire to Destiny and Releasing Kings

Beverly’s book has put her on my list of favorite authors. She has allowed us to “hear” the heartbeat of a true leader and more importantly shown us that we too can become a part of this symphony by following the course laid out in Win from Within: The Heart of Success and Significance. Bravo!

– Susan V. Carroll, Attorney at Law

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