The Phone is a Social Media Channel

Social Media has changed the way the world does business.  We converse through Facebook updates, blogs, email, tweets and text messages.  That’s all handy for a long list of reasons, but there’s a disturbing down side. It seems the art of conversation is disappearing and it’s a loss we can’t afford.  We need to realize that the phone is a social media channel too – we need to pick it up and use it!

The Phone is a Social Media Channel

It seems I am eyewitness to a relational train wreck in business on at least a weekly basis and it’s painful to watch.  As a business coach working with teams and business relationship dynamics, I’m probably more sensitive to what causes the wrecks and how they can be avoided.  The solution often points to a simple instrument we all have at our fingertips – the phone.

The Death of Conversation & Why it Must Rise Again

We have all become so pressed for time, we are in the habit of zipping off an email when a phone conversation would be so much smarter.  If there’s any possibility you could be misunderstood or the content is personal in any way, PICK UP THE PHONE!  (Yes, I know that all CAPS in a typed message is the equivalent of yelling – I’m yelling this message!)

I realize phone conversations can eat up 15 minutes when an email might take 3 minutes.  But the math doesn’t work when the time savings results in damage that takes hours, days and even weeks to repair.  Sometimes, the damage is irreparable.

3 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Press “SEND”

Next time you are composing an email that conveys more than direct information and has the possibility of evoking emotion, ask these 3 questions:
1) Could this message be misinterpreted or misunderstood and does it matter?
2) Will the recipient be trying to read between the lines to figure out my intent?
3) Is this relationship worth the time it will take to pick up the phone to prevent a breakdown in communication?

Time is of the essence, but the essence of all we do is relational. Invest in other people.  Effective communication involves listening as well as talking.  So pick up the phone – it’s a proven, effective and often overlooked social media device. We can’t afford for conversation to become a lost art.

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3 thoughts on “The Phone is a Social Media Channel”

  1. Truth that needs to be yelled from the rooftops … There is so much in the sound of the voice on the other end of the phone … Our voices carry God in them … so flippin’ important to use them and use them wisely:)

  2. Bravo Beverly!! Everything outlined within this article is right on point. It has taken a minute to return full circle but I had noticed my emails were taking longer to write than if I just picked up the phone and called!! Thank you for bringing this subject to light and reminding us how important it is to have the conversation. The ROI can’t be beat 😉

  3. Beverly Lewis

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. If it’s true that 73% of communication is nonverbal, we are working with a severe handicap in using email as a primary tool. You are valuable and make such a great contribution with the WOW Network. Thanks!

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