Why Blogging is Important


Why Blogging is Important

One of the most important reasons to express your voice online through blogging is that it crystallizes your leadership in a very personal way.

Most people focus on the external benefits of blogging. Establishing your expertise, building trust with your audience, search engine optimization – these are important and good. But even more important is the process that happens within you as you are challenged to clearly articulate your mission and your message.

I’ve heard it said that everything rises and falls on leadership: families, communities, companies, organizations and nations. I daresay you will become a better leader through the process of blogging. How valuable is that?

Is it time for your Message to become a Movement? If not now, when?
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  1. Fantastic! You are indeed a wordsmith – “writing is clear thought made visible.” Great quote, helpful piece.
    Now I need to keep blogging!

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