Strategies for Avoiding Communication WipeOuts

MudrunSometimes navigating relationships is like running a crazy obstacle course. There are times I’ve felt like a contestant in the television show “WipeOut”; getting sucker punched and knocked off course with a less-than-graceful landing.

There are plenty of ways to get knocked off course in relationships. Just like a physical obstacle course, it can be really difficult and takes a certain level of fitness, fortitude and endurance to finish well.

The first way to avoid getting sucker punched is to “study the course”. In relationships, that  means  taking the time to assess the personality type of the person you are dealing with. What motivates them? What is important to them?  Sometimes we get so distracted with our own agenda that we don’t truly pay attention to the person we are interacting with.

                               “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Failure to truly listen, both to verbal AND non-verbal cues can be disastrous. One of the most sincere forms of respect is truly listening to what another has to say.

Another strategy for successfully navigating the obstacle course of effective communication is focusing on the bigger picture – the value of the relationship. Usually, the value of a relationship is greater than the need to be right.

Today’s action challenge is to give the gift of LISTENING WELL to someone in your close circle.

I’ve included the YouTube version of this coaching tip on Avoiding Communication WipeOuts.

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  1. Very helpful and pertinent information. Thanks Beverly. Very funny. Definitely do not want any more sucker punches!!! It is all about knowing the tribal culture. Bring it on!!

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