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momentumMomentum is a marvelous thing. 

Physics was not my favorite subject in school, but I must admit a certain fascination with Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion. He addresses inertia, acceleration, force, velocity and predictable reactions – all significant concepts when it comes to success. (The laws of nature and science carry much wisdom – you’ll notice that as a sub-theme in my writing that relates to my training with the Rainforest Business Institute.)

Success requires first expending 10 units of effort to produce 1 unit of results. Your momentum will then produce 10 units of results with 1 unit of effort. – Charles J. Givens

I learned memorable lessons about momentum through pushing a car.  Not just ANY car – one particular automobile that weighed a ton.  And yes, there’s a story here…

My parents were “old school” in more ways than one. They made no apology about their rule that their daughters had to purchase their first car with their own money. Furthermore, they limited the number of hours we worked in part-time jobs during high school because of their “schoolwork first” policy. Not surprisingly, my first car was not a stellar piece of equipment. It was an old Ford Falcon with a manual transmission operated by a 3-speed-on-the-column shift lever that got stuck. Often. Whenever this happened, I would have to jump out, pop the hood, lean down and jiggle the transmission levers loose. That was on a good day of driving. A bad day of driving entailed stalled cars as in “stalled in the middle of a busy intersection in a driving rainstorm.” Lovely.

That’s how I learned to push. Hard.  And it has served me well.

The hardest part of creating momentum is getting moving.  One thing’s for sure – it’s a lot easier if you don’t try to do it all by yourself. Get some help.

That’s why I developed “21 Days to Social Media Momentum”.  You can join with others, accelerate faster, have more fun, get more done.

Lean in and PUSH! Come, on, give it all you’ve got! One inch at a time. One follower at a time, one victory at a time, you’ll move forward onto higher ground. Concentrate. Pretty soon you’re going to be able to jump in and ride.

Never leave the scene of a decision without taking action.
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