Content Marketing: The Power Behind Your Online Influence

content marketingHave you ever done something strategic and right on target – by accident?

That’s my story of content marketing. I was doing it before I knew it had an official name. Anyone who has done a decent job with their online presence is involved with content marketing.

Content is the power behind your online influence. It’s what draws people and keeps them interested.

Content marketing is the process of delivering relevant information that meets the needs of your ideal client, in all the places they’re looking for it. It makes sense to develop a presence on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and any other platform where your tribe is looking for resources.

The term “content marketing” describes the practice of consistently gathering and posting information that establishes you as a “go to” person in your field. It’s not just about sharing YOUR articles and material – it’s about showing you are a confident, capable, excellent source of reliable information. Simply put- an expert!

Good content attracts an audience, earns their sustained attention, demonstrates your ability to solve their problems and cultivates trust. All of this paves the way for relationship and an eventual purchase.

Ultimately, your blog and website should be loaded with content that is interesting, informational and possibly even entertaining. (Depending on what you do.) However you present it – you can’t afford to be boring!

As you develop your own content, stay tuned to the station all your listeners are on, WIFM (What’s In It For Me). Speak to their needs. What are they asking? Maybe it’s a time to write a new FAQ post.

As you gather information from other sources, remember the power of third party validation. It increases your credibility to share material from a variety of authors and sources.

Content marketing takes time, but isn’t really difficult when you are passionate about your subject matter. When you are authentic, passionate, knowledgeable, consistent and caring – you’ll win the hearts and minds of the people you are destined to serve.


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