How to Be Productive [Infographic]

The Mindmap of 35 Habits of Super-Productive People

I couldn’t resist the pull of an infographic on productivity.  This visual provides a great kick-start as we all get back into a routine.

I’ve found these strategies from Anna Vital, startup evangelist and infographic author, to be tried and true in my life – for the most part. She breaks down  habits into categories and I have highlighted some key points:

“Focus on the important, suppress the urgent. “

Since “get delivery to save time” doesn’t work for me in my location, I replaced it with, “eat less and get more done.”

“Better done than perfect. “ Works for me!

“Manage anxiety – run, swim, dance.”

“Start before you feel ready.”

Anna advocates wearing a “uniform” and notes that Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg all wear the same thing every day. Can’t say that I’ve tried this on a daily basis, though I have found it to be true of what I wear when I’m on stage. I have about three “uniforms” that I wear when I do presentations and it removes the hassle (and distraction) of having to decide what to wear.

I diverge a bit from her advice here since I’m such a proponent of online etiquette. However, letting the phone ring while focusing on a task is a strategy I will implement starting today.


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