7 Things to Know about Momentum

Ever had one of those days when it seems like nothing is working?  Or maybe you are making progress but it feels like you’re slogging through mud with a 70 pound pack strapped to your back.

You’ve traded momentum for frustration.  We’ve all been there.

Would you rather have a day like this?

How do you propel yourself into the place where your energy is high and things are snapping and popping with the electricity you are generating?

Momentum feels magical, but it is not magic. Usually, it’s a result of sheer grit, determination and perseverance.

Here’s a model that will encourage you to press through. No doubt, you’ve heard the question, “would you rather have a million dollars or a penny – doubled every day for 30 days?”

Multiplication is a great illustration for the astounding power of momentum. Consider this:


Nothing very impressive happens until about halfway through the process… Such is life.

7 Things to Know About Momentum

1. It takes discipline and consistent activity to build momentum. Seemingly small daily actions have a cumulative effect. Once you DECIDE, just do it.  I’ve always maintained that character is following through with a good thing – even when the mood has left you.” The mood WILL leave you. Carry on anyway.

2. Since it takes a lot of energy to create momentum,  having an effective team is powerful.  A team allows the power of the relay –  you can tag with others to conserve energy. The synergy of a group can be a real game-changer.

3. There is much less resistance to change when momentum is carrying your team forward.

4. The excitement of momentum is contagious and creates even MORE momentum.

5. Problems seem surmountable and there is less time to entertain negative thinking when you are propelled by momentum.

6. Effective leadership requires a clearly articulated vision of where momentum is taking an organization for the team to join their energy for a collective push.

7. Momentum lost is very hard to regain. It’s better to slow down and adjust the speed, if necessary, than just stop. You can make adjustments on the journey without losing momentum.


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