7 Myths of Email Marketing [Infographic]

I’ve been in the thick of email marketing for over a decade. As we welcomed a new millennium, it was a bit like the Cyber Wild West. The rules weren’t clear, the boundary lines were non-existent and there was vast territory to be conquered. Then spammers started muddying the waters and the CAN-SPAM act was born. For legitimate businesses, that didn’t affect our style, it just added some steps in lead generation and verification. Basically, it required documentation to substantiate that people had truly opted-in to your list.

My personal list has never been boastingly huge, but I have managed mail campaigns for companies with as many as a half million subscribers. It’s safe to say I know more about email marketing than I ever thought I had a need to know. I can talk analytics, tracking, stats, subject lines, open rates, engagement… the list is long when it comes to the ins and outs of email marketing. And like everything else online, it changes at warp speed.

Like many fields, you can get 50 experts in a room and you can easily find 30 different opinions on what would seem like a simple “yes” or “no” issue to the uninformed. I always love learning from the experience of others.

There has been a standing argument for years over whether “the list” is king or content reigns. In my opinion, we are in a season where content is king and “the list” is queen. It takes both to multiply and grow.

This month, I have facilitated the move for one company from a major ESP (Email Service Provider) to InfusionSoft (an impressive CRM platform). Email is top-of-mind right now. Combine that with my love of infographics and it’s clear why this summary of 7 myths of Email Marketing is compelling enough for me to share. I concur that these are common myths that cause people to underutilize the power of email marketing.

Which of the 7 myths of Email Marketing have you bought into?

Thanks to the folks at AlchemyWorx for this infographic.

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